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1inch Foundation grant program

foster growth and adoption of the 1inch Network

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about the grant program

The 1inch Foundation grant program fosters growth and expansion of the 1inch Network and incentivizes contributions through grants and resources. 

Share your ideas! $3,000,000 in 1INCH tokens will be distributed to developer teams and individual developers under the 1inch Grant Program.

projects to apply

Network development

  • product development
  • integration
  • interoperability
  • security

Community development

  • education
  • community building/events
  • social

Research & analytics

  • advanced data analytics
  • innovative research
  • simulation of protocol performance/ efficiency

how to apply

1. Application submission

The Applicant will submit a complete application to the 1inch Foundation, including as many details as possible about the proposed idea and their background.

2. Interview

If some application is selected, the 1inch Foundation will conduct 1-2 interviews to collect more information on the Applicant's background and the proposal.

3. Evaluation of Grant Potential and Formal Grant Offer

The 1inch Foundation will determine if the Applicant’s proposal fits into one of the grant program categories (or vision for the network), and if so, what value can be assigned to the final product. A vesting schedule and timeline for product development reports will also be determined at this stage;

If the 1inch Foundation determines that the proposal meets evaluation criteria, the 1inch Foundation will send the Applicant a Formal Grant Offer, including terms and conditions for grant distribution.

4. Onboarding

Once the Offer is accepted, the Applicant must complete the onboarding process. Once completed, the 1inch Foundation will provide access to resources and establish a communication schedule for reporting and development updates.

5. Continued Performance Evaluation

The 1inch Foundation will periodically evaluate the success of the project, based on a predetermined schedule. With the uniqueness of every proposal, each evaluation will be specifically tailored to the project and include the following points of review:

  • progress of deliverables and milestone completion
  • adequacy of provided resources and funds
  • overall sustainability of the grantee’s project
  • impact of the project on 1inch Network to date
  • strategic impact of the project on 1inch Network in the near-to-mid-term future


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1inch Network
The 1inch Network is a distributed network for decentralized protocols enabling operations in DeFi.