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OpenSea Grants Program

educate and inspire new users to engage with NFTs

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about the grant program

OpenSea Ecosystem Grants seek to empower creators, developers, and passionate community members working to enrich and expand the NFT ecosystem.

We’ve designed this program with developers, creators, and enthusiasts in mind. We’re very excited to support new products and open source technologies that will push the ecosystem further, but equally as enthused about supporting the efforts of creators and community members to educate and inspire new users to engage with NFTs for the very first time.

Grant size will vary depending on the scope and need as outlined in the application. Depending on the project’s roadmap, we may also provide a percentage of the grant at the time a specific milestone is met as opposed to a single lump-sum payment.

projects to apply

Ecosystem Grants will focus on three areas:

  • Usability and Tooling

Products and tooling that empower creators as well improve user experience.

  • Community Education

Resources to support the onboarding and educating of new users to help make NFTs and web3 more approachable.

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity

Creating a space where all individuals have access to the opportunity and promise of NFTs.

who can apply

Any builder, founder, or creator passionate about advancing the NFT and Web3 space is encouraged to apply. We welcome and expect a diverse range of projects through this initiative!

how to apply

1. Rolling applications

Applicants are evaluated across a number of criteria including:

  • Project scope: Does this project serve one of the grant program's core pillars of education, usability, or community enrichment?
  • Project impact: Will this project have a meaningful impact on a subset of users in the NFT ecosystem?
  • Team composition: Is this team well-suited to deliver on the outlined project?
  • Timelines: Can a significant impact be made in 1-2 quarters of development.

As we evaluate grants and receive feedback from our community, our criteria will likely evolve to make sure we're sponsoring projects that are most relevant. We will update you with our evaluation process as that happens, and will continue to keep our criteria as core to our decision making.

2. Committee review

Our committee will review your application. We aim to make this process as transparent as possible.

3. Get feedback

Our committee will share their thoughts on your project. Our goal is to review and finalize grants as quickly as possible. Grants will be assessed on a rolling basis. Please expect to hear from us within two weeks of submission.


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