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People Operations Manager

own the entire employee lifecycle at Aragon

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role overview

This role will have responsibility for people operations across the entire employee lifecycle and a high level of ownership for the culture story of the Aragon core team. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the world of Web3 and see DAOs and self-management practices up close.


  • knowledge of HR operational practices and ability to create and drive operational discpline through design of process, policy or services
  • you are an effective communicator, empathetic listener and able to support people to have high accountability
  • great skills at design, continuous improvement and change
  • ability to filter signal from noise and to focus in on what's most impactful and just get on with it
  • understanding of the full employee lifecycle and how to do people ops in tech, product or web3 organisations
  • across the latest thinking around compensation, conflict management and people operations
  • understanding of the interdependencies across people and business operations and ability to maximise effectiveness of things like recruitment and onboarding
  • understanding of web3, DAOs, Ethereum, Self managing organisations or org design (any or all would be great!)

bonus points

  • you are highly aligned to the Aragon mission
  • obsession with attention to detail
  • you are autonomous, self starter who thrives in complexity and ambiguity
  • you are courageous, vulnerable, empathetic but highly accountable
  • you are goal-driven
  • desire to do real things that make the world better

culture & perks

  • we value freedom and responsibility - you'll form part of self managing teams who hold themselves accountable to taking us forward
  • we're a remote only organisation but we meet quarterly around the world to build relationships and empathy to help power a new type of organisation
  • we do flexible time, for real (Freedom with when you work, Responsibility to make it sync with your team)
  • you'll get a monthly training / personal development budget
  • we'll support you setting up your remote work environment
  • generous vacation allocation regardless of where you are in the world

about us

Aragon Association has overseen the production of the leading smart contract framework to build DAOs, with toolkits for developers to seamlessly integrate their apps with DAO functionality and a decentralized dispute resolution system.


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Aragon's open source platform governance plugins enable users to build and manage DAOs