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Algorand Korean Community Management & Marketing Promotion

manage Korean Algorand community to scale awareness of Algorand brand

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17 months ago

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Daily Management of the Algorand Korean community, translate Algorand news and post on social chanels, and drive the overal marketing promotion of Algorand brand

What are the requirements for the bounty taker?

  • Bounty taker should have strong coordination and customer support skills in addition to advanced knowledge about Algorand.
  • Proficient English-Korean translation skill
  • Naver Blog management experience

Estimated Time Commitment: 1 month

tasks to solve

Community Management Actively leads engagement & discussions for community facilitation and positve project brand image.

  • to deliver Algorand related news / updates in community in time and answer questions.

Official Social Media Channels Management

  • to keep prompt update of Korean contents for the Korean Algorand Naver Blog and Twitter Account (to be created) by delivering prompt and accurate translations
  • to arrange the blog page in a neat style and to inform Korean Community every time a new release is out.

Community Event Management Host and support Events like AMAs, Webinars etc.

  • to promote Algorand and its ecosystem projects to the general community

Paid Channel Exposure

  • to identify good blockchain/crypto communities or KOLs
  • schedule paid campaigns for massive exposure of Algorand brand (the budget can be granted by the Foundation)

Media Exposure

  • to identify and build good media networks for Algorand
  • to maximum the publicity of Algorand news & updates

acceptance criteria

What are the deliverables?

The quality of the group - Active communication & discussion in the group with regular events being held

  • Volume of communications (at least 100 messages per day)
  • Increase of # of members (30% increase per quarter)
  • The number of the group events being held (at least 3 events per quarter)

Timeliness & accuracy of Algorand News - The Algorand news and articles should be translated in a timely and accurate manner, and posted on Naver blog / Twitter.

  • Number of Articles Posted (at least 15 articles per month)
  • Accuracy & Decent Format of the articles
  • Apply Procedure

Please contact after applying for the task.


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Algorand is a blockchain cryptocurrency protocol based on proof of stake and a Byzantine agreement protocol.