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Ecosystem Developer

build and shepherd a diverse set of Ethereum-related "ecodev" projects

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You’re a generalist and an analytical and entrepreneurial operator who’s excited to drive strategic ecosystem development initiatives at the Ethereum Foundation. As someone who cares about shaping the future of Ethereum, you'll conceive of, build, and shepherd a diverse set of Ethereum-related "ecodev" projects. You'll also evaluate grants, experiment with allocation methods, and generally help the EF scale up its array of ecodev initiatives.


Project Management

  • responsibility for driving and managing the end-to-end execution of projects
  • coordination across disparate stakeholders across a diverse range of contexts (community organizers, developers, researchers, funders, etc, etc.)
  • setting and ownership of quantifiable targets for measuring project success
  • creating more leverage for the EF through recruitment, capacity-building, and delegation
  • capturing, synthesizing, and documenting learnings throughout the course of your work

Grants Management

  • delivering exceptional relationship management to existing partners and grantees
  • building and ownership of processes to streamline strategic collaborator and grants pipelines


  • a strong contribution to the overall vision of ecosystem development strategy at the Ethereum Foundation
  • conceiving and development of actionable ecodev plans 
  • connecting the dots between seemingly unconnected dots of the ecosystem


  • exceptional communication, organizational, and analytical skills
  • strong writing skills
  • you're able to work in a highly independent and self-directed manner, while effectively communicating what needs to be communicated
  • you value candor, direct communication, and feedback
  • you have a "no task is too small" mindset
  • curious and question-oriented
  • you're excited to learn
  • you're relentless in asking questions and getting answers
  • strong relationship management skills
  • comfortable operating in a fast-paced and constantly evolving and at times uncertain space
  • experience building in web3
  • deep Ethereum ecosystem knowledge and relationships

about us

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. Our mission is to do what is best for Ethereum’s long-term success. Our role is to allocate resources to critical projects, to be a valued voice within the Ethereum ecosystem, and to advocate for Ethereum to the outside world.