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Product and Visual Designer

establish the deBridge brand and influence how the audience sees the project

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As the first in-house deBridge designer, you will be the one to establish the deBridge brand and influence how the audience sees the project. Take ownership and lead all types of marketing activities, both digital and print. This includes website changes and improvements, editorial illustrations, featured images, social media banners, swag, posters, and more shared daily with our engaging and growing community.


  • work on UX/UI website improvement, design schemes, documents, whitepapers, etc. Capture complex technical concepts and creatively translate them into relatable and clear visual pieces
  • designing engaging presentations that are used by media outlets to display the overall aspects of deBridge and cross-chain interoperability
  • establishment a strong connection with freelance illustrators and animators in order to produce all the various elements for deBridge
  • a deep understanding of common patterns for mobile and web apps, knowing when to use them, and when to create something new
  • an understanding of the product design process from start to finish and can adjust it to fit anything from small features to fully new products
  • excellent visual design skills
  • using type and hierarchy effectively and know how visual elements communicate
  • the experience to know how to use basic user research to improve the quality of our products and speed of development
  • proficiency in design systems and how to use them on small teams
  • collaborating and proactively communicating with team members and external stakeholders and assist them with any design need


  • at least two years of experience
  • Blockchain/DeFi enthusiast
  • deep understanding of UX/UI and overall product design process, user behavior research
  • great visual design skills, thoughtful of your typography, color, hierarchy, and overall feel
  • knowledge of responsive design and apps design
  • experience in merchandise design
  • work in Figma
  • excellent English communication skills
  • deep attention to details
  • fast and efficient
  • high level of independence
  • proactive/result-driven/self-motivated
  • good at memes

culture & perks

Why work at deBridge?

  • competitive compensation package
  • 100% remote careers – work from anywhere in the world
  • opportunity to work with deBridge’s world-class engineering teams
  • build the future of cutting edge blockchain interoperability
  • collaborative and feedback-driven culture

Join us to empower crypto projects and users to transfer any asset and data to any chain.

about us

deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol that enables the decentralized transfer of assets between various blockchains. 

The deBridge protocol is an infrastructure platform and framework for:

  • Bridging of any arbitrary assets and data between blockchains
  • Cross-chain composability of smart contracts and protocols
  • Cross-chain swaps and transfers
  • Interoperability and bridging of NFTs


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deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol