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Filecoin Dev Grants

create a project to push the Filecoin ecosystem forward

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about the grant program

We created the Filecoin Dev Grants program to

  • Reward ongoing & existing contributions that add significant value to the Filecoin ecosystem
  • Inspire more contributors to solve open problems and engage with the Filecoin project
  • Seed the creation of new products, businesses, and tools to increase the utility of Filecoin

projects to apply

Here are the priority focus areas, but we welcome proposals from all categories.

  • Core development

Tackle core protocol research, specification, and implementation work. Relevant proposals should be labeled category:core-dev.

  • Application development

Build useful and delightful applications that utilize Filecoin as the decentralized storage layer. Relevant proposals should be labeled category:app-dev.

  • Developer tools and libraries

Develop the developer tools and libraries for both core protocol developers and application developers. Dev tools at all layers of the stack are invaluable! Relevant proposals should be labeled category:devtools-libraries.

  • Integration and adoption

Support the growth of Filecoin and related technologies via integration into existing app or projects with significant usage. Technical assistance is also available.

  • Technical design

Improve on the Filecoin protocol technical design, for example improvement proposals on the core storage protocol, cryptoeconomics design, or on other planned network upgrades. Relevant proposals should be labeled category:technical-design.

  • Documentation

We welcome proposals to create or improve existing Filecoin project documentation. Relevant proposals should be labeled category:docs.

  • Community

We have a standing RFP for hosting community meetups, and are generally excited to hear about all sorts of community initiatives. Relevant proposals should be labeled category:community.

  • Metaverse

Support the work to advance interconnectivity, interoperability, and openness at any layer in the growing tide of virtual, immersive worlds (experiences, applications, communities, tooling, standards, infrastructure, et cetera).

  • Research

We are keen on receiving proposals that explore the meta processes and incentives of decentralized storage. Relevant proposals should be labeled category:research.

  • Green Grants

We are interested in proposals for tools, applications, libraries or models for optimizing energy use on the Filecoin network, allowing dApps to assess their environmental impacts, or using Web3 to make reporting more transparent and verifiable.

who can apply

We’re looking to fund talented and eager teams that want to work with us to build a more robust, efficient, and decentralized web.

how to apply

Proposal templates can be found on our GitHub site. Generally, all projects must meet the following requirements:

•  All projects must be open-sourced.

•  All projects must be dual-licensed under MIT and APACHE2 licenses.

•  All teams must be self-managed.

After you submit your proposal, you can expect the following to occur:

  • We will review your application. During review, we will add comments, questions, change requests, et cetera on your team's submission.
  • After a few round trips of discussion, our team will make a decision on which proposals to fund and which not to.
  • During the discussion and review phase, we will contact your team for financial and legal follow-ups, such as to confirm milestones and funding, your team's legal structure, etc.
  • If your team is accepted, we will ask you to sign our Open Source Software Grant Agreement, which will include a copy of the work plan and funding milestones.

We aim to complete all review within a few weeks after the wave deadline, so please stay vigilant on GitHub.

Please reach out #grants-questions on Filecoin Slack (invite) or email with any questions.


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