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Storage Provider Mentorship Grants (SPMG)

begin your journey towards becoming a viable and profitable Filecoin SP

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about the grant program

Our mission is to support businesses getting started on their journey as storage providers as smoothly and efficiently as possible. To accomplish this goal, we have established a grant program to ease Storage Providers (SPs) through the onboarding process via in person consulting and technical support from trusted ecosystem partners who are proven, dedicated, and technically adept SPs themselves.

Below you will find our current list of SP consulting partners, as well as the various grant offerings that are available to qualified Storage Providers. Make sure to continue to check back at this page, as more consultants and options will become available over time. You are also encouraged to become a member of the Filecoin slack and join #fil-sp-mentorship-grants for instant updates.

who can apply

We are looking for potential Storage Providers from all backgrounds and regions. However, candidates will not be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Candidates will first submit an application that will provide our consultants with more information about their backgrounds and end goals. Applicable candidates will then be granted a one-hour check-in session where our consultants will determine whether one of their consulting packages will be an appropriate fit. Our consultants will help apply for the grant, and if deemed appropriate, the FSPM Grants Team will approve the candidates.


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