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Aurora Fast Grants Program

access funding, dedicated technical support, recruiting assistance, and more

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about the grant program

The mission of the Program is to create a supportive environment for the teams bringing high-quality and community-developing projects into the AURORA ecosystem. The Program is designed as a transparent, resilient, and scalable tool that can provide capital to a more significant number of high-quality projects and promising talents.

What do you get?

  • Milestone Grants

Receive capital with grant sizes awarded based on the quality of your team, vision, execution, and community involvement.

  • VC Introductions

Connect with leading venture capital firms that could participate in subsequent funding rounds.

  • Technical Support

Receive technical assistance from knowledgeable and responsive Aurora developers.

  • Recruiting Assistance

Grow your team by accessing an exclusive pool of top engineering and business operations talent.

  • Marketing and Design Help

Tap into an exclusive pool of top engineering and business operations talent.

projects to apply

  • Borrow & Lending

Build a non-custodial borrowing and lending solution on Aurora. 

  • Decentralized Exchange

Build an easy-to-use DEX on Aurora.

  • Stablecoins

Build the next-generation algorithmic stablecoin on Aurora.

  • Synthetics and Derivatives

Build the future of decentralized synthetic assets and derivatives on Aurora.

  • Reserve Assets

Build a reserve asset with protocol-owned-liquidity.

  • NFTs

Grow the creator economy with your NFT project on Aurora.

  • Your Idea Here!

Use the fast, low-cost Aurora environment to the next great thing in the world of decentralized blockchains!

who can apply

If you are entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, and advocates looking to contribute to the Aurora ecosystem by related project and need funding, Fast Grants is what you need. 

These Grants are for those looking to bootstrap their projects on AURORA, add funds to their DAO’s treasury, or conduct research on the social impacts of decentralization. The Aurora DAO welcomes all projects interested in building a more scalable, equitable, and creative future on AURORA. We provide grants that we believe will return the highest effect on AURORA ecosystem growth in the long term.

how to apply

  • Determine for which type of the Grant you are applying

Not sure which type to apply for? Check with the grant’s team at If your project fits into one of these funding streams and aligns with the AURORA mission, you’re a candidate for the Aurora DAO Grants and VC Funding Program.

  • Submit your Application

Make sure you thoroughly complete the application form and clearly state how your project will contribute to the AURORA ecosystem. You can submit your Application at any time. We accept applications on a continuing basis.

  • Evaluation & Approval

The Grant’s Committee will review your application within two weeks. If your proposal meets the program criteria prescribed below (project eligibility), you will be invited to an interview with two committee members.

  • Acceptance or Denial Notification

All applicants will be notified whether their application has been accepted or denied. If your application is accepted, at this point, you will go through the agreement formation process. Aurora DAO does not have any obligations to explain its decision. The decision will be final and cannot be appealed.

  • Onboarding

Once all your paperwork is complete, your team will be onboard the Aurora Grants. We’ll align on clear timelines, accountability metrics, and reporting expectations. Finally, the Grant’s Committee will be in contact with you to support your project till completion.

Applicants can use Grant only for purposes of the Project.

  • Launch Your Project


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