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Network/Game (Phaser) Developer

help Atlantis World by the maintenance of data flow

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12 months ago

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role overview

Atlantis World is seeking a talented Network Developer with Phaser.js experience.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the future of a truly decentralized, community-owned Metaverse.


  • helping dev team by creating and maintaining API and server web2 code
  • improving network bandwidth (compression, delta packets)
  • creating efficient use of snapshots
  • writing clean and concise code with plenty of documentation
  • maintain data flow between client, server, and API
  • constantly improving a refactoring code as needed
  • comfortability in using Object Pools and interpolation
  • experience using WebRTC connections and sockets for communicating with servers


  • minimum of three years of relevant experience
  • winning hackathons + game jams
  • ability to write structured, effective code
  • ability to solve problems creatively
  • skills in building open-world MMORPG-style features and infrastructure
  • fluency in simple DevOps tools like Github, Netlify, + Heroku.
  • experience with MMORPG servers
  • proficiency in server authoritative architecture
  • experienced bug hunter
  • experience with providing adequate support for the dev team
  • experience in the management of a server with a large number of users
  • tech stack: Node.js, Javascript, and Phaser.js
  • experience in building MMORPG games

Phaser 3.5+ proficiency should include:

  • working with rexAwait async preloader
  • dynamically adding game objects to the scene
  • events center and passing in init data on scenes
  • dynamically switching between scenes
  • handling json tilemaps
  • custom collision callbacks

bonus points

Experience working with:

Vanilla JS + JQuery

Tiled map editor (collision + object layers)

Sprite creation

Photoshop (basic asset touch-ups etc)

Level design


Blockchain gaming

culture & perks

  • competitive USD salary (crypto-friendly)
  • opportunity to become an equity partner (token or NFT allocation)
  • fully remote + flexible contribution schedule
  • flexible vacation policy
  • 4+ weeks of PTO
  • performance bonuses
  • twice a year, team retreats all across the globe!

about us

Atlantis World is building the Web3 Social Metaverse by connecting Web3 with social, gaming, and education in one lightweight virtual world accessible to everybody!