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ZK Circuits Engineer

focus on security and reliability for our zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) applications

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The Privacy & Scaling Explorations team at the Ethereum Foundation is looking to expand its role in security and reliability for our zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) applications. More specifically, we are looking for software engineers to work on a project related to distributed reputation.


  • Building ZK circuits to improve reliability, scalability, and security of distributed systems.
  • Working with a distributed systems engineer to integrate the circuits into the project.
  • Document the codebase and write robust tests for the circuits.


  • Software development skills in languages like Rust/C/C++.
  • Understanding of modern ZKP proving systems and experience working with libraries like halo2, Arkworks, and ZK-Garage/PLONK.
  • Familiar with distributed systems and libraries like libp2p.
  • Good debugging skills.
  • Capable of breaking down and explaining complex issues to others.
  • Strong communication, storytelling, and documentation skills.

Contract details

  • Fully remote
  • Contract with 3 months probation, details depend on jurisdiction

About you

  • Your values align with the Ethereum ecosystem. Even if you are new to the space, you are interested in open source collaboration and decentralized systems. You understand the value of privacy for all and you are especially interested in security.
  • You are highly motivated and naturally curious when it comes to reviewing new projects on the cutting edge of scalability and privacy. You are thorough in your work and pay attention to the small details.
  • You are skilled at communicating on a remote, global team. We are a diverse team of collaborators from many different countries. You are comfortable exploring both synch and a-synch methods of communication.
  • You are resourceful. You possess patience in ambiguity, ask questions, and seek clarity by drawing connections to indirect products and concepts.
  • You work well both independently and with others. You welcome feedback and take the time to understand the perspectives of your teammates.

about us

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. Our mission is to do what is best for Ethereum’s long-term success. Our role is to allocate resources to critical projects, to be a valued voice within the Ethereum ecosystem, and to advocate for Ethereum to the outside world.

About the Privacy & Scaling Explorations Research Group

We are a cutting-edge technological research group exploring practical applications for Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Scaling solutions. Our mission is to build the cryptographic primitives that will form the bedrock of a rich and vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps), built on Ethereum. We do this through pure research projects, by building proofs of concept, and by facilitating the integration of technological primitives into decentralized applications.


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