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NOM Operations Analyst

facilitate the creation, implementation, and iterative fine-tuning of the node operator procedures

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Node Operator Management (NOM) is a workstream within Lido responsible for helping the DAO define, adopt, and implement policies and procedures around node operator registry management, node operator onboarding, node operator operations, and protocol performance and health.

NOM is looking for a Operations Analyst who will work with the rest of the NOM workstream to facilitate the creation, implementation, and iterative fine-tuning of the node operator policies and procedures that will be used across Lido protocol instances across various networks.

This is a full-time consultant position where you will be working with the DAO, and you are free to work from anywhere. Our contributors and stakeholders are spread throughout the globe, so hours vary, but we do our best to ensure that most meetings occur during times where all parties can reasonably attend.


1/ Assist in the execution of NOM core activities, including but not limited to:

  • Organizing and executing Node Operator application and onboarding rounds
  • Collaborate with the other workstreams to coordinate the launch of new Lido offerings, participate in the identification of expansion requirements, and organize protocol expansions
  • Monitor Node Operator performance, raise alarms, and escalate appropriately and timely with relevant parties
  • Gathering and analyzing data from various sources (internal and external), and working with the Lido Analytical workstreams to develop models, reports, and dashboards to be utilized by NOM stakeholders
  • Maintaining databases related to Node Operators
  • Writing and publishing articles, reports, etc. regarding NOM operations and results (internal and external facing)

2/ Assist the Master of Validators in developing a comprehensive playbook that covers NOM responsibilities and activities

3/ Plan, monitor, and analyze key metrics for the day-to-day performance of the operations to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks

4/ Represent Lido NOM in industry working groups, and at industry conferences

5/ Maximize efficiency and productivity through extensive process analysis and interdepartmental

Typical Tasks

Typical task #1: Run an onboarding round

  • Reach out to interested parties to inform them about upcoming onboarding round
  • Draft announcement communications for the application and onboarding (to be used on our forums, social media, etc.)
  • Help applicants with any questions they may have
  • Collate application data and prepare it for evaluation
  • Collate evaluation data and prepare report-out to DAO

Typical task #2: Monitor operator performance

  • Monitor operator performance across networks and raise/escalate issues as needed
  • Help devise operator performance scoring methodology and get buy-in for usage with stakeholders
  • Liaise between protocol teams / operators / client teams to expedite the resolution of issues and incidents collaboration


Applicants should ideally be fast learners, effective communicators, and self-sufficient. The ideal contributor is comfortable in a highly unstructured environment and able to manage multiple threads simultaneously.

Main requirements:

  • Deep understanding of existing and upcoming Proof of Stake protocols, and especially the intricacies of validator operations for each protocol
  • Strong critical thinking and the ability to zoom in / out of detail as needed based on circumstance and challenge at hand
  • Strong stakeholder management and negotiation skills in both internal and external settings
  • Knowledge of data synthesis, analysis, and computer languages (e.g. python, SQL, scripting etc.) would be hugely beneficial in the automation of routine activities
  • Knowledge of multiple operational functions and principles, including basic modeling, customer service and content production
  • Very strong organizational and communication skills
  • Strong working knowledge of industry ecosystem and mechanics

culture & perks

This is a unique opportunity to work deeply in the blockchain ecosystem on a globally distributed team. Lido is a team working on the cutting edge of decentralized finance (DeFi) while standardizing new forms of employment along the way.


  • An international team of skilled experts
  • Flexible working
  • Competitive salary & bonus paid and excellent international career opportunities
  • Well-being & Mental Health support program
  • Full tech/equipment set-up, which is relevant to executing tasks
  • A high degree of autonomy, no micromanagement
  • Ownership culture

about us

Lido is a suite of Liquid Staking protocols and assets that make it easy to participate in Proof-of-Stake staking rewards without lock-ups or unbonding periods. Users that stake through Lido protocols receive staked asset utility tokens that correspond to the assets staked on a 1:1 basis. Staked asset tokens are liquid and can be used to hold, trade, or use across Dapps and DeFi.

The Lido suite of protocols and corresponding staked asset tokens include Ethereum and stETH, Polkadot and stDOT, Solana and stSOL, Polygon and stMATIC, and Kusama and stKSM. Lido is the largest liquid staking protocol on Ethereum and is among the leading DeFI protocols by Total Value Locked.


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Lido is a multi-chain liquid staking solution for Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon & Kusama