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Technical Project Manager

support the engineers and technical leadership in the process of delivering key features to the Shardeum infrastructure

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We're looking for an experienced Technical Project Manager to join Shardeum’s engineering team. Shardeum’s first Technical Project Manager will be embedded in the engineering team and will support the engineers and technical leadership in the process of delivering key features to the Shardeum infrastructure.

This position will require a strategic, technically-minded approach to facilitate communication internally and externally within the ecosystem, and support the development leadership with the process and people management.

The ideal candidate will be more of a negotiator and mediator than a top-down strategist, and should be highly analytical about process buildout and improvement. This role will report to the CTO, and must be based in Dallas, TX where the local team meets 1-2 times per week in person at an office. 


  • Help document and drive the roadmap, defining actions, risks and outcomes, prioritizing tasks and managing the team’s resources, and identifying resource constraints and any other issues that arise
  • Identify and document all project milestones and deliverables and keep project plans up to date at all times
  • Help design quality and automation procedures, and deliver project dashboard(s) for company-wide or ecosystem-wide visibility and transparency
  • Work closely with internal and external teams on integrations, mutual efforts and tasks. Hereby also being the bridge between the technical and business development team
  • Help align teams on a shared vision and document the execution of that vision


  • Education in STEM, 2-5 years technical program/product management experience in fast-paced, high fluid environments
  • Passion about the vision for Web3
  • Knowledge base of different actors in Web3
  • Understanding of various players in the broader ecosystem, their missions and visions
  • Excellent understanding of GitHub/Gitlab workflows, PRs, issue tracking and milestones
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills, including the ability to speak to the teams internally and externally
  • Strong organizational skills, along with demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and able to react to shifting priorities to meet needs
  • Critical thinking towards feedback, and willingness to act upon it
  • Ability to Influence without direct responsibility
  • Must be in ET or CT zones


  • Former work experience with open source projects or blockchain projects

About us

Shardeum is a sharded EVM-based L1 smart contract platform with a mission to enable decentralization for everyone. Currently, decentralized applications are limited by rising gas fees and long transaction queues as a result of blockchains that can’t scale. Our team envisions a world where decentralized applications are adopted globally, enabling a more equitable society with less power put in the hands of a few centralized entities. 

To accelerate the adoption of dApps Shardeum is building the most advanced iteration of a state sharded smart contract platform. Dynamic state sharding enables Shardeum to increase TPS with each node added to the network. We are obsessed with making the vision for a decentralized future a reality and seek individuals who share the same passion. The Shardeum Foundation is a small but highly experienced team distributed globally who have worked with NASA, Yahoo, Raytheon, Zynga, Microsoft, Ethereum Foundation, PayPal, etc.