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Social Media Associate

content creation for Social Media

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15 months ago

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  • Content creation for Social Media
  • Day-to-day scheduling, publishing, and managing of content
  • Creating strategy for campaigns, new releases, and community growth
  • Managing Twitter Spaces end-to-end: adding topics, speakers, scheduling and hosting
  • Plan engagement activities: quiz, contest, community interaction


  • Previous experience in content creation
  • Efficient at planning and managing content calendar
  • Ability to work for metric-driven goals
  • Beginner knowledge of blockchain and web3 ecosystem

Culture & Perks

Shardeum has $18.2M in seed funding to pay you a comfortable salary. There is massive upside potential with a vesting schedule.



About Us

Shardeum is a sharded EVM-based L1 smart contract platform with a mission to enable decentralization for everyone. Currently, decentralized applications are limited by rising gas fees and long transaction queues as a result of blockchains that can’t scale. Our team envisions a world where decentralized applications are adopted globally, enabling a more equitable society with less power put in the hands of a few centralized entities. 

To accelerate the adoption of dApps Shardeum is building the most advanced iteration of a state sharded smart contract platform. Dynamic state sharding enables Shardeum to increase TPS with each node added to the network. We are obsessed with making the vision for a decentralized future a reality and seek individuals who share the same passion.

The Shardeum Foundation is a small but highly experienced team distributed globally who have worked with NASA, Yahoo, Raytheon, Zynga, Microsoft, Ethereum Foundation, PayPal, etc. 


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World’s first EVM-based L1 which uses dynamic state sharding to increase TPS with every new node