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About the program

The Stellar Development Foundation currently holds 30 billion XLM to be used for promoting and enhancing Stellar. Part of that amount goes directly into grants and funding to projects building on and contributing to the growth of the Stellar network. Explore our grants below and see if you’re eligible to apply today.

Grant Programs

1/ Research & Development Grants

‍To encourage innovation, SDF offers Research and Development Grants (R&D) that support the creation of minimum viable products and proofs of concept aimed at improving liquidity, increasing throughput, or otherwise extending the capabilities of the Stellar network to meet ecosystem needs.

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2/ Academic Research Grants

‍The Stellar Development Foundation is soliciting proposals for basic technical, economic, and legal research advancing the foundation’s goals of financial inclusion, fast and inexpensive cross-border payments, efficient decentralized markets, and other beneficial applications of distributed ledger technology.

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3/ Stellar Community Fund

The Stellar Community Fund gives the broader Stellar community the opportunity to vote on which projects deserve XLM grants. The Community Fund is also unique in that any project can apply.

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4/ Marketing Grants

SDF offers Marketing Grants to support the growth and user acquisition of projects built on Stellar. The funds from Marketing Grants provide support for digital and offline marketing, in-app incentives, PR, and communications.

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  • Enterprise Fund

The Stellar Enterprise Fund is for companies that demonstrate real and sustainable Stellar use cases. SDF will invest in companies with the greatest potential to grow our

  • Matching Fund

The Matching Fund is for pre-Series A/B companies interested in building on Stellar. SDF will match investments raised from a lead investor of up to $500,000 USD.

More Funding Sources

The Stellar Development Foundation also offers other sources of funding for projects in the Stellar ecosystem. There is no application for some of these programs; we find promising enterprises and engage with them.

  • ‍Currency Support funds go to teams that issue redeemable, fully-backed currency stablecoins on Stellar, offer deposit-withdrawal endpoints for the network, or support market-making efforts for essential tokens on the Stellar DEX.
  • The Infrastructure Grant program supports projects that provide crucial network utility.
  • Developer Support lumens go to hackathons, meetups, and other important developer-community initiatives. 

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