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Founding Software Engineer

join us on the ground floor of building our products, community, and protocols

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image 100K-200K

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8 months ago

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Role Overview

We’re looking to bring on a senior engineer to join the founding team at Big Whale Labs. Our entire team is technical and moves fast.

We’re all builders that have shipped products from zero to one from generating no revenue/having no users to generating millions or onboarding millions of users.

We're looking for an experienced, product-minded engineer to join us on the ground floor of building our products, community, and protocols. No solidity experience required - we'll teach you the ropes if you're looking to make the jump from web2 engineering to web3 engineering.

Join us at the forefront of a multi-billion dollar industry and help redefine the social media landscape.

Examples of stuff you could be working on:

Our product is called ketl - silicon valley anonymous, a pseudonymous social network for founders and vcs. Currently in ~alpha.

Our protocol is - a social and identity protocol that allows people to verify facts and information without doxxing themselves. Our product is in alpha and we’ve minted over 100,000 credentials for 20K unique wallet addresses to date.


  • Getting shit done
  • Leading micro-projects from inception to completion
  • Addressing complex problems with elegant solutions
  • Managing and working on front-end, back-end, and smart contracts


  • US/Canada-based candidates!
  • 5+ years of software engineering experience, with a focus on production software
  • (important!) Have built your own cool independent side projects you have launched, which are live now
  • Proficiency in React, Typescript, and Node
  • Solidity expertise
  • Active crypto/Web3 user
  • Fluent English

You’ll be a great fit if:

  • You love to build
  • Having built social products is a plus
  • ZK or Cryptography experience is a plus

Note to all the applicants

Important! Please provide us with examples of your own projects (hobby/pet projects) launched in production.

We offer

  • 100-200k USD base salary + generous equity
  • Remote work
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Unlimited holidays and days off
  • A bureaucracy-free environment
  • Substantial autonomy without micromanagement

About us

Big Whale Labs is a startup in the intersection of consumer social, privacy, and crypto. We are applying various cryptographic techniques such as zero knowledge proofs, e2e encryption, etc to allow people to verify information, credentials, and facts and socialize without doxxing themselves.