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Frontend Developer

Help Gearbox product suite grow, make a strong Frontend for the platform

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Role Overview

You love domination? You love changing the same element 10 times an hour? Then you are a frontend dev!

— Joking, quite the opposite. Looking for self-motivated front end devs who love solving puzzles and working on their own.

As Gearbox DAO and its product suite are growing, there is need in more Frontend developers, from medium level and above, at least somewhat experienced in DeFi.




Our frontend stack is based on React, typescript, redux, ethers & wagmi. If you know next.js, SWR,, webAssembly - it’s a huge plus. You can see the codebase and languages used in here: Gearbox GitHub + Gearbox for developers


  • Expertise in React, Redux (3+ years)
  • Strong understanding of frontend system design, including API design and component structure
  • Hand on experience in Ether library
  • Demonstrated ability to use Wagmi
  • Experience working with DeFi

Nice to have

  • Experience in Next.js
  •, webAssembly


  • USDC + $GEAR

Since Gearbox Protocol works under the DAO structure, the pay is transparent. You can find the brackets and bonus strucuture in here.

Interview stages

  • Intro call
  • Technical call/online task