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SPACE ID Grant Program Season 2

Never stop innovating! Season 2 promises even more opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to make their mark in the industry.

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About the program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of 🎉Grant Program Season 2, and we're excited to invite you to participate!

💎Token Rewards:

As part of this program, we are offering grants of up to $10,000🤑 to support the integration of the SPACE ID SDK into your projects. The best part is that the entire integration process will take just ⏳30 minutes, requiring minimal manpower from your development team.


By integrating the SPACE ID SDK, you can unlock a range of powerful features and capabilities for your project, enhancing the user experience and security. To sweeten the deal, we will also be sponsoring SPACE ID gift cards 💝as part of the prize pool for campaigns related to your project once the integration is live. Additionally, we are eager to arrange🎙AMAs to help you promote your project and engage with the community.


For further information and to apply for the grant program, please visit our blog.

To submit your application, kindly fill out the application form.


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