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Marketing Lead

Become our Brand Ambassador and help ZNS Connect Name Service grow

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  •  Host engaging AMA sessions on YouTube.
  •  Organize captivating Twitter Spaces events.
  •  Create informative videos.
  •  Establish partnerships with other projects.


  • Passion for Blockchain.
  • Excellent Communication.
  • Social Media Savvy.
  • Proactive Engagement.


  • Brand Ambassador Role - Become the face of our brand across all media channels and represent ZNS with pride.
  • Exclusive Access - Get early access to new features, updates, and exciting announcements.
  • Personal Growth - Enhance your skills, build a strong network, and grow in the blockchain industry.
  • Recognition - Receive recognition for your contributions and efforts in our marketing initiatives.
  • Full Team Support - Work closely with our team to brainstorm ideas and execute successful campaigns.

Join us in shaping the future of blockchain technology!


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ZNS Connect
ZNS Connect
The decentralized name service for linking Omnichain. Designed for Web3, Identifier, Dao and more