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Unity Engineer

Optimize performance and implement game features

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Role Overview

We're currently working on several exciting projects, focusing on DeFi, gaming and education. In this role, you'll collaborate closely with our founders and early employees, diving headfirst into product development and iterating quickly.

SoMove is a novel augmented reality fitness and rhythm game. Think of it as the non-VR version of beat saber, or Just Dance without the controller, where players must destroy obstacles using their various body parts.

Undying City is a mobile zombie survival game where you immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with relentless zombies. With intuitive one-handed controls, you'll navigate through hordes of the undead, utilizing a dynamic skill system to unleash devastating attacks.

These games are currently in the alpha testing stage and need a strong engineer to optimize performance and implement game features. You will be working very closely with the founders and early employees.


  • Design and develop in-game systems and features
  • Able to implement user interfaces from wireframes
  • Implement core systems relating to physics/graphics
  • Improve performance of the game through the use of profilers
  • Able to work with 2D/3D assets and animation in Unity
  • Write clean, maintainable code


  • Deep knowledge of Unity Game Engine
  • Deep knowledge of C#
  • Knowing how to implement shaders in Unity
  • Basic understanding of blockchain, better if you have deployed smart contracts before
  • A portfolio of prototyped games

This role is perfect if you have/are:

  • A strong computer science foundation, especially in graphics and game engines
  • A motivated and independent learner who likes to push the boundaries of media and technology
  • Built games previously or are interested in shipping out a great game
  • Love games

Culture & Perks

At Zabava Labs, we're not just a technology company – we're a team of innovators exploring fresh perspectives in gaming, education, and DeFi.

As we explore the intersection of gaming and blockchain, you'll have endless opportunities to grow and even shape the startup's future. Your potential is limitless, and you could evolve into a leadership position that truly makes an impact.

Join us as we pioneer new horizons, crafting experiences that challenge norms and unlock potential in these dynamic fields! 

Our culture:

  • Flexible hours, fully remote
  • Open feedback
  • Work hard, play hard

What’s in it for you:

  • Compensation at market rate depending on experience and commitment
  • A huge amount of learning and fun
  • Potential compensation in terms of equity/tokens

About Us

Zabava Labs is a blockchain technology company exploring new immersive game experiences and community building tools. We believe that secure, transparent, and accessible education and applications are the key to contributing to the growth of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.