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Web3 Social Media Manager

Map out our social strategy and be the main person for our social accounts

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Role Overview

We are looking for someone fluent in web2 growth and storytelling, but who's also deep down the web3 rabbit hole. If your campaigns and content can make both crypto newbies and DeFi degens nod in appreciation, we want you.


  • BF SMM: You're gonna help map out our social strategy and be the main person for our social accounts. 
  • Research & Ideas: Look at our leads, roast them, and help us shape offers they just can't say no to. 
  • Strategy: We've got a client. You'll be shaping how they sound, what they talk about, and ensuring they're not just another face in the crowd. Think cool campaigns, epic engagement, and those little growth tricks only you know.
  • Social Management: Create, engage, reply, and let's be the account everyone wants to interact with.
  • Team Building (optional): As we grow, we'll need more hands on deck. If you feel like leading the team in the future, it's your chance. If you're happy just being the best in your job, we're happy with this, too. 


  • 3+ years of experience, or outstanding results if less
  • Deep understanding of the communication, engagement, influence theory, and best practices 
  • Deep understanding of Web3 tech, community building, and market narratives
  • Experience with web3-native tools, platforms, and analytics
  • Experience in cross-functional teams, managing content calendars and outside partners
  • Experience in growth or a social media agency is a plus
  • Experience in working with Tier-1 teams is a huge plus

Culture & Perks

  • No-bullshit team focused on driving real results for the clients and the whole web3 ecosystem 
  • Collaborate with industry leaders and innovators, work with the top projects and VCs
  • Unlimited education and growth opportunities 
  • Competitive salary and benefits 


Remote (excluding specific countries)

About Us

Eight Forces isn't just another growth agency. We're birthed by web2 growth experts and crypto OGs, with over 100 campaigns led by the core team in the last 6 years.

Our approach? Powerful branding, smart smart AARRR funnels, growth hacking, and riding the narratives.

Our ambition? Simple. Becoming the #1 growth agency in web3 in 2 years. Ambitious? Sure. Achievable? With the right crew, absolutely.