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Web3 Copywriter

Craft clear, engaging, and smart content

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Role Overview

We need a copywriter who gets web3. Your job? Craft clear, engaging, and smart content. Whether it's a tweet or a whitepaper, your words should grab attention and make complex crypto stuff easy for everyone to get.


  • Write killer copy for websites, socials, and marketing drives.
  • Spin stories that stick, synced with our brand vibe and web3's pulse.
  • Make content that’s not just cool but also SEO-savvy and conversion-friendly.
  • Keep up with web3 waves to stay sharp and relevant.
  • Team up with us to make sure the words match the plan.


  • Got at least 2 years of crafting words, ideally in tech or finance.
  • You should talk blockchain and web3 like it’s your native language.
  • Flex different writing styles – be punchy, be persuasive, be clear.
  • SEO isn't just alphabet soup to you, and your content shows it.
  • Ready to collaborate remotely with a bunch of digital nomads.
  • Bonus points if you’ve been in the agency game.
  • Extra cool if you know your way around growth hacks and AARRR.

Culture & Perks

  • Roll with a no-BS team making real waves in web3.
  • Network with the industry leaders and work on headline-grabbing projects.
  • Never stop learning and growing in your craft.
  • We’ve got the goods – competitive pay and solid benefits.


Remote (excluding specific countries; reach out for details)

About Us

Eight Forces isn't just another growth agency. We're birthed by web2 growth experts and crypto OGs, with over 100 campaigns led by the core team in the last 6 years.

Our approach? Powerful branding, smart AARRR funnels, growth hacking, and riding the narratives.

Our ambition? Simple. Becoming the #1 growth agency in web3 in 2 years. Ambitious? Sure. Achievable? With the right crew, absolutely.