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Junior Solidity Auditor

Review code to identify bugs, vulnerabilities, and logical errors

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  • Audit Solidity smart contracts: review code, cross-reference it with documentation and common sense, and identify bugs, vulnerabilities, and logical errors.
  • Build the project and run security tools.
  • Document identified issues and provide guidance to developers on possible solutions and best practices.
  • Stay updated on new exploits.
  • Develop audit tools and other products.


  • At least one year of experience in Solidity development OR several years of industrial development experience with theoretical knowledge of Solidity. Important note: a developer's skills cannot be 1-in-1 compared to an auditor's skills. That is, a middle developer is not a middle auditor.
  • Experience with solidity audits or auditor competitions like code4rena will be an added plus.
  • Proficiency in English (We communicate with clients, discuss their contracts, and constantly read and write materials on security topics).

Culture & Perks

  • Work at the forefront of technology in one of the most cutting-edge fields.
  • Remote work from anywhere in the world.
  • Compensation in the currency of your choice, including crypto.
  • A rapidly growing team with no legacy code.
  • Competitive salary, bonuses, and regular updates.
  • Conference ticket payment.
  • Weekly internal research for the team.
  • Audits 4 out of 5 working days a week. And one day for tasks on personal working goals.

To join us:

  • Fill out the questionnaire (10 questions, 4 simple tasks).
  • Complete several learning tasks during 2 weeks (unpaid). There will be 1 or 2 deadlines by which you must submit tasks. It is up to you to decide how to allocate your time during the 2 weeks. Examples of tasks from past internship selections can be found here
  • Based on the technical interview, we will make an internship offer (paid).

About Us

Pessimistic has been working in blockchain security since 2017. We develop security tools, provide consultation to developers, and conduct audits of smart contracts for various blockchains.

Our clients include 1inch, Lido, Zerion, Morpho, Azuro, Opium, xDAO, Sweat Economy, and other top teams. We work with new code and fresh ideas every day. It's challenging, interesting, and provides powerful growth opportunities.