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DXdao is a DeFi collective that develops, governs, and grows highly scalable DeFi products

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DXdao is a decentralized collective that builds tools, products and processes for decision-making across large decentralized communities.


We encourage friendly and challenging discussions; this open discussion is crucial to the workings of DXdao.

Openness means building out in the open, and this bleeds into everything. We always strive to be an open community that reaches consensus in a transparent and fair way.

We build space for communities, while honouring the individual, and accepts accountability and responsibility for the actions and influences of the DXdao, in order to further self-improvement.


DXdao launched on Ethereum Mainnet on May 19, 2019, through a collaborative effort of the teams at Gnosis and DAOStack.


DXdao is a community with many voices that contribute to its permissionless, decentralized narrative. Anyone can claim to speak in the best interests of DXdao, but only formal proposals passed by REP holders on-chain speak for DXdao.