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Balancer is providing the most flexible and powerful asset management and decentralized exchange

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We believe in decentralised organisations as the foundation upon which we can build a new model of governance. Run by the people, for the People. We trust DAO structures will become the standard of the future, replacing centralised powers.

current challenges

1. To empower and support the community to actively create and grow together, by giving people the freedom to choose to contribute in any way they think is best.

2. To encourage projects to build on Balancer (BoB), by providing them with clear access to on-ramps.

3. For BalancerDAO to the community to be self-sustaining, a living organism, governed by a self organized structure. Decisions made and actions taken by the DAO will be made as transparent as possible. Therefore, responsible parties should feel compelled to make decisions that are in the best interest of the DAO.

4. To continue to promote the development of the Balancer Protocol and ecosystem through the use of Balancer Grants.

5. To unlock the full potential of the Balancer protocol by ensuring we create a powerful and effective trading protocol that can be used by anyone in the world in a free manner (permissionless), and in which no-one can censor tx or in any other way interfere with your decisions.

culture & values

Empowering the community

  • Empower initiative taking
  • Information should flow and all ideas should be welcome. Even misdirected ideas can spur other ideas that have a meaningful impact
  • Have fun while building great tools


  • Strengthening the community by rewarding and highlighting real motivated community members. Giving BAL rewards generously to all contributors.


  • Accountability to the DAO for area of responsibility - if you take up a task or lead, you are expected to complete it within a reasonable time.

Transparency & honesty

  • We care for the well-being of our community and each other. We deliver on what we promise. If we can't meet an expectation, we let others know."


Balancer began in early 2018 as a project being incubated by Block Science, an engineering and research firm, before being spun out as a separate company, Balancer Labs. It was started to provide a means to provide liquidity, but on your own terms, by creating automated market-making pools with numerous assets and customizable weights. 

Started on June 1st, 2020, those who provide liquidity to Balancer protocol became eligible to receive BAL tokens. There are a total of 7.5M BAL released in the span of 8 years. Since BAL is a governance token, the idea is to create a really strong incentive for early adopters to grow liquidity and get involved in the governance process.

core team

Fernando Martinelli - Co-Founder & CEO

Mike McDonald - Co-Founder & CTO

Nikolai Mushegian - Co-Founder

Jeremy Musighi - Head of Growth

Meghan Gardler - Director of Marketing & Communications

Kristen Stone - Chief Operating Officer

Gareth Fuller - App Engineer