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Metropolis (prev. Orca)

Building pods – the protocol for distributing control to groups of contributors on-chain

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mission & Key Concepts

Metropolis seeks to uncomplicate collaboration by revolutionizing the way we organize.

Many have likened DAOs to companies. But in their potential, DAOs are a lot more like cities.

If DAOs are cities, the entire DAO landscape can be likened to something of a megacity ‒ a Metropolis, if you will.

In a world where digital organizations seem to have no true bounds, Metropolis is the space that emerges ‒ the city of cities ‒ a rich landscape of interconnected and interdependent organizations. Much like a city, the richness of this Metropolis stems not from the glitzy buildings or beautiful people. Rather, it is the overlapping networks of people, culture, and economies that make these spaces thrive.

Vision & Current Challenges

Our vision remain the same – create human-centric building blocks for DAOs.

If we want DAOs to transform into digital cities, we need building blocks that allow these networks to become interconnected and interdependent. Pods are those building blocks.

Technically, pods are a Gnosis Safe multi-sig with a permissions layer for managing signers. In practice, this primitive adds a lot more functionality to Gnosis Safes than just permissioning, including:

  • All your Safes in one interface Proposals across all your multi-sigs are aggregated into one interface ‒ making it easy for signers to quickly approve transactions.
  • Manage signers with zero fuss With admin capabilities and NFTs for managing signers, mass onboarding and off-boarding contributors is simple.
  • Give your Safe an identity No need to waste time and energy identifying multi-sig addresses. Every pod has a unique NFT, ENS name, and matching URL.


Metropolis was founded to address coordination failures in DAOs. Metropolis key tool is the pod primitive, a modular and flexible body to manage participation, shared assets, and organizational permissioning. This flexibility allows for dynamic and composable structures to be created around any party of actors within a DAO ecosystem, while introducing mechanisms for accountability, incentive alignment, and checks and balances.

core team

Julia Rosenberg - Co-Founder & CEO

John Sterlacci - Co-Founder & CTO


The community is in an early stage, which means anyone coming in to contribute has the opportunity to really shape the community.