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ConsenSys is a blockchain software developer that allows to build applications on Ethereum

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To unlock the collaborative power of communities by making web3 universally easy to use, access, and build on.

current challenges

  • Partnerships

Partnering with NGOs, universities, governments, VCs, and corporates

  • Education

Empowering marginalized communities by teaching about blockchain technology

  • Cash Assistance & Philanthropy

Blockchain-enabled cash assistance programming and philanthropy solutions 

  • Identity & Accessibility

Leveraging Decentralized Identifiers & NGO methodology to provide digital identities

  • Supply Chain & Immutable Evidence

Tamper-proof evidence & transparent supply chains for worker wellness

  • Social Impact Assets

Carbon credit systems, recyclable markets, collateralized loans, & inclusive fintech

culture & values

ConsenSys is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • We commit to diversity and inclusivity

We aspire to create and nurture a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that supports our goals of global, decentralized blockchain innovation and implementation. We strive to elevate and advance diverse representation at all levels of the organization and are committed to fostering a culture of inclusiveness and belonging through awareness, empathy, and mutual respect.

  • A vision of excellence

To build a more equitable society by cultivating a culture that drives excellence into our products and offerings through diversity of thought, background, and experience. We believe that diversity allows us to bring our most creative and innovative ideas to the forefront. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion allows us to foster a broad set of talents and capabilities in an environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and fairly treated.

  • Growing Together

At ConsenSys we have a strong culture of feedback and collaboration. We run our Employee Engagement Survey bi-annually so that we can really listen to what our people have to tell us and make sure that we’re building a work environment that makes them want to stay.


Joseph Lubin founded ConsenSys in early 2015 as a software foundry to develop decentralized software services and applications that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. 

On October 31, 2018, ConsenSys acquired Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company.

In December 2018, ConsenSys announced a restructuring with projected layoffs of thirteen percent of its 1,200 staff, in February 2020 announced the layoffs of a further 14% of staff. 

In August 2020, ConsenSys acquired Quorum from JPMorgan Chase & Co. In November 2021 ConsenSys raised $200 million at $3.2 billion valuation from Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures and HSBC among others.

core team

Amanda Gutterman - CMO 

Andrew Keys - Co-Founder of ConsenSys Capital 

Joe Lubin - Founder 

John Lilic - Strategy and Operations Lead 

Vanessa Grellet - Executive Director 


Help us realize Web3, the evolution of the internet

At ConsenSys, you’ll work with teammates across the globe building infrastructure, products, and services for the Ethereum ecosystem and other Web3 decentralized technologies.