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Origin Trail

Origin Trail is the first purpose built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain

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We aim to develop a better Internet that enables discoverability and verifiability of real-world and digital assets alike.

current challenges

What Google did for Internet search, Trace Labs Web3 development company is doing for physical and digital assets like NFTs, making them discoverable and verifiable.

We expect 2021 will help bring the decentralized technology sector to a paradigm-shifting next stage, with multi-chain capabilities enabling much-needed sustainability and the cost performance necessary to keep OriginTrail on its trajectory towards becoming a bespoke part of the next generation internet. 

At the same time, it also brings heaps of opportunities for the OriginTrail community. A limited group of Starfleet pioneers will be the first to have access to all the benefits of the new, multi-chain OriginTrail network and will kickstart the OriginTrail Knowledge Economy together by using the first version of knowledge tools including a Uniswap-like mechanism for tokenized knowledge exchange. 

Those joining the pioneering next phase will provide pillars for the vastly increased scale and scope of services towards the full-fledged OriginTrail Knowledge Economy.

culture & values

How do we differentiate ourselves

  • Globally recognised standards

We are big fans of globally-recognized standards, such as GS1 and W3C, as well as engineering best practices, such as using the NASA technology readiness level.

  • Real-life cases within supply chains

Our core technology is the decentralized knowledge graph (DKG) utilized in real-life cases within supply chains, such as tracking Covid-19 vital PPE, meat provenance, certificates authenticity, and much more.


The core development company Trace Labs was initially founded in 2013 and is today a group of companies formed out of the United Kingdom, with presence in Slovenia, Serbia and Hong Kong. Trace Labs is a proud leader in contributions for the OriginTrail open-source technology - the Decentralised Knowledge Graph, SDKs and tools. Company extends its impact by being an active stakeholder in data standardisation efforts such as the EPCIS 2.0 Working group under the umbrella of GS1.

Trace Labs has implemented numerous solutions built on top of the OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph public infrastructure together with strategic partners companies like British Standards Institution, for whom Trace Labs also leads the development of Instruments of trust. Other partners and clients include Oracle, Swiss Federal Railways and over 300 other partners that Trace Labs worked with directly or collaborated in one of over 15 national and international R&D projects.

Trace Labs has won the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Centre Innovation Spark Award in 2017 and the team is often invited to speak at global conferences on the topics of data standardisation, knowledge graphs, enterprise adoption of blockchain and blockchain-based technology.

core team

Žiga Drev - Co-Founder & Managing director

Tomaž Levak - Co-Founder & Managing director

Branimir Rakić - Co-Founder & CTO

Jurij Škornik - General Manager


Benefits of working with us

  • Working with renowned companies

At Trace Labs, we work with renowned companies, such as Oracle, BSI and GS1, to name just a few. This will give you the opportunity to directly collaborate with the best teams in the world.

  • Growing your expertise in blockchain technology

We excel at blockchain technology, decentralization, and data transparency. Working with us, you will be continuously improving your knowledge and skills, becoming a top expert in the sector.

  • Constant support

Support from your co-workers will be constantly available. We encourage transparency within the team and value everyone's input. You will be encouraged to share your opinion and engage in feedback sessions on various topics on a regular basis.

  • Balance

You will be able to balance work priorities with your personal life. We encourage employees to take holidays or time off to get some rest and recharge their batteries.

  • Working Environment

You will have the flexibility to combine work in the office with remote work. Regardless of where you work, we make sure you have all the tools and equipment you need.

  • Education and personal growth

You will get coaching and other opportunities to expand your knowledge and work on your personal development through internal and external educational programs and workshops.