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zkSync (Matter Labs)

zkSync is a ZK rollup solving Ethereum scalability with zero security compromises.

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At Matter Labs, we are building zkSync: a blockchain scaling solution secured purely by cutting-edge cryptography. Our mission is to scale Ethereum to billions of users, fully preserving its most valuable properties — permissionlessness, trustlessness, and resilience, — in order to protect and enhance global economic freedom.

Matter Labs has a special role in the crypto movement. Our mission is:

To accelerate the mass adoption of crypto for financial sovereignty.

current challenges

Accelerate = move faster! Accelerating adoption requires two things:

  • Awesome products

To accomplish our mission, products must look and feel awesome, so users are eager to switch. We may compromise neither our foundational values nor the convenience/elegance of the systems we build. 

  • Fast shipping

We are continuously looking out for ways to increase shipping speed without compromising the security, reliability, and maintainability of our code. Fewer distractions, less bikeshedding, better priorities, less context switching, no interruptions, more powerful machines to compile faster, more intelligent CI tools to run tests faster, etc., etc.

culture & values

  • Fairness

The rules of the game must be equal for all, with no preferences for the wealthy or powerful. zkSync reinforces this by making Ethereum affordable.

  • Inclusion

Free access to finance is a fundamental right. zkSync is unconditionally permissionless from day one, and will also bring strong censorship resistance to L2.

  • Resilience

We believe that only the paranoid survive. To resist even the most powerful potential adversaries, zkSync is going down the path of progressive decentralization


zkSync Version 1.0 launched on the Ethereum mainnet on June 15th, 2020, enabling transaction throughput of ~300 TPS.

Matter Labs is currently focused on the development of zkSync 2.0 which has a twofold goal; firstly, arbitrary smart contract capabilities through support of both Solidity (via zkEVM) and Zinc (the rollup’s internal programming language); and secondly, an exponential increase in throughput, in the order of 20,000+ TPS, via zkPorter - a protocol combining zkRollups and sharding.

core team

Alex Gluchowski - Co-Founder & CEO

Alexandr Vlasov - Co-Founder


We are a deeply mission-driven project, making a significant contribution to the greater economic and political freedom globally. All of our code is open source.

We respect every team member as an individual. We encourage a healthy work/life balance without excessive overtime. We will provide you with anything we can to help you grow professionally, and be productive and happy.

We are a remote-first, results-only organization. Most of the team is based in Europe. You are expected to adjust your schedule, work and communication methods to such an environment.