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Explore promising domains and ship meaningful products. Backed by a16z + YC.

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We’re building the world’s largest network of web3 builders.

current challenges

Retention is our #1 focus - buildspacers have very little reason to come back every week or even every month at the moment. 

  • We are moving more towards being more of a network of web3 builders and web3 companies which we already have a ton of hunger for.
  • We build experiences within our product for our community, starting with our community treasury voting system.
  • We'll be shipping a way for our users to actually begin connecting with each other directly on the platform. We also have over 200 web3 companies we're already working with that will also have access and be able to connect with buildspacers.
  • We'll continue shipping new content in-house w/ some protocols we've partnered with. But, we're now also working directly with content creators who will begin offering buildspace nfts at the end of their courses.

culture & values

  • Learn web3 by doing

Buildspace gives you the opportunity to be able to learn by doing, instead of consuming endless content with no practical use.

Get support from thousands of developers

The community's Discord server is an excellent place to connect and network. As a member, ask questions or request feedback every time you get stuck in a project.

  • Go at your own pace

When you enroll in a project, you will have one live session with the instructor to introduce you to the course and do some live coding. This is the only synchronic meeting you will have and after that, you can learn at your own pace. Plus, every project is free for now!

  • Stay updated

Once per week, the Buildspace team sends a newsletter. This is a great resource to keep you up-to-date with the world of web3. Every email features the top 5 stories from the industry.

core team

Farza Majeed - Co-Founder

Emily Hough - Co-Founder & Head of Growth

Alec Dilanchian - Co-Founder and Engineer

David Barrick - Co-Founder and Engineer


We don’t care about FANNG experience, degrees, your age, or what college you attended. But, we do care deeply about your history of building products that shipped to actual users.