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Zerion is an award-winning portfolio management app for decentralized finance

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Empower the Citizens of Web3 with the most user-friendly and smart products


  1. It's All On Chain. Be true to yourself and to others, be open & proactive about it.
  2. Be Invested. Care about what you do, care about others around you.
  3. Seek Alpha. Question the status quo and use creativity to find an edge.
  4. Self-Custodial Humans. Cherish the freedom of personal responsibility.
  5. Don't Be a Maxi. Stay smart, truthful, and confident but never arrogant & short-sighted.


Zerion is a web3 smart, social wallet and investing tool that enables anyone to manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios. With a relentless focus on user-centered design and a technology stack that aggregates across every major wallet, network and decentralized exchange, users are offered a single point of entry for managing their digital assets, including NFTs. Zerion is non-custodial, which means users never delegate their funds to the platform. This agile approach mitigates centralization risk and has allowed Zerion to operate globally since inception.

The company was founded in 2019 by Evgeny Yurtaev (CEO), Alexey Bashlykov (CTO) and Vadim Koleoshkin (COO) with the mission to empower more people around the world with efficient, permissionless and transparent financial services. They raised their seed round in 2019 and Series A in 2021. Since then, Zerion has built an award-winning interface that serves more than 200K monthly active users from over 150 countries. Zerion has processed over $1B in transaction volume, seeing $5M traded per day on average with a median trade size of $1,000.

core team

  • Evgeny Yurtaev - Co-founder & CEO
  • Vadim Koleoshkin - Co-founder & COO
  • Alexey Bashlykov - Co-founder & CTO


  • Purpose. Working towards financial inclusion across the world. You’ll also be joining us at the beginning of a new chapter giving you the opportunity to have a major impact on the future of the company.
  • Culture. Working in a thriving, friendly, startup environment that promotes open discussions, learning and lots of fun. 
  • People. Working with some of the most driven and intelligent people in the crypto space.
  • Distributed Team. Zerion is a fully remote team with team members from all over the world. 
  • Salary & benefits. Get a competitive salary, stock options, premium health insurance that works in every country across the world, and other benefits
  • Unlimited days off & flexible work schedule. We want our employees to recharge their batteries and explore who they are outside of the office
  • Relocation. We will help you and your family with relocation to Portugal