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BadgerDAO is a decentralized finance (DeFi) application built on Ethereum smart contracts.

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BadgerDAO's mission is to bring Bitcoin to DeFi.

current challenges

Our direction is simple, to be the most trusted place to earn interest on your Bitcoin

  • Both in our app and others through integrations, with 1 click users can put their BTC to work, all while maintaining control of their assets, knowing exactly how their BTC is being put to work, and having ownership in the direction of the product/business.
  • Users don’t need to worry about which chain, assets to deposit, types of vaults etc. Instead, they simply deposit and let our smart contracts do the rest.

We believe this is how millions of users can onboard into DeFi through BadgerDAO.

Some of our current focus is around;

  • Restructuring how ibBTC earns APY to have a baseline 4%+ consistently
  • Native BTC > ibBTC through our bridge which is almost complete
  • More and more of the most popular dapps are integrating ibBTC which will increase its utility and liquidity
  • Making ibBTC bridgeable as more L2’s and new chains emerge

culture & values

We believe that together the community can build the products that our industry needs more effectively, compared to single centralized entities building fragmented solutions. 

  • Badger Builders
  • Community-created products
  • Dedicated Badger operations team
  • Fairly initial distribution of $Badger Tokens for governance
  • All code open-sourced


Badger was founded in September 2020 by Chris Spadafora, Ameer Rosic, Albert Castellana, and Alberto Cevallos. When building its DAO infrastructure, the Badger team collaborated with dOrg, a company that specializes in building DAO-related software. Badger DAO launched its governance token, $BADGER, and distributed it according to an emission schedule via its own staking vaults/yield aggregators, called Setts.

In March 2021, after growing to over $1 bil. in TVL, the company received a direct investment of $21m from VCs into the Badger DAO treasury to serve as a liquidity backstop and security measure. The new VC partners agreed to participate actively in the DAO's ongoing governance.

core team

Chris Spadafora - Founder

Alberto Cevallos - Core Engineer

Ameer Rosic 

Albert Castellana