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Element Finance

Element Finance is an open-source protocol for fixed and variable yield markets

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Our goal is to enable financial freedom and provide open access to financial products for people all around the world.

current challenges

  • Element Governance Ecosystem

It is the most critical step to becoming a fully decentralized protocol. 

  • New DeFi and regulative primitives 

We aim to enhance our users’ experience by providing a better and more streamlined experience. 

  • Driving the regulatory discussion forward

As DeFi matures, we need to do the same by actively engaging with other projects, developers, academics, the Element community, and government agencies, including regulators, law enforcement, and policymakers.

  • Community growth

We continue to travel the world to meet the community in real life in many of the events scheduled for 2022.

culture & values

From the beginning, Element has been designed to be an open, self-sustaining, community-governed protocol so that we can all build better, more stable, and efficient financial systems that stay true to the principles of decentralization that make DeFi so powerful.

  • Immediate Decentralization
  • Dedication to Research and Experimentation
  • An Additive vs. Extractive Approach
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Driving DeFi Adoption
  • Building a Smart Community that Governs (and lasts)


Element Finance announced testnet on May 8, and launched its protocol on the Ethereum mainnet on June 30, 2021. We launched over seven assets, including WBTC, USDC, DAI, stETH, LUSD, alUSD, MIM, crv3crypto, and eursCRV. We started by rolling out three-month terms and eventually iterated and began rolling out six-month terms.

In August 2021, we introduced Element’s Treasury Management Initiative. This initiative has the goal of helping DeFi Protocols, DAOs, Funds, and Institutions diversify their treasuries by allowing them to earn fixed rates on their treasury capital (or a portion of it) while maintaining the flexibility to exit their positions if needed.

We raised our $32M Series A at a $320M valuation and announced it from a restaurant in Lisbon during the ETH Lisbon and ETH Liscon events. The raise included not only new and follow-up investors but, most importantly, some of the most well-respected DeFi builders.

core team

Will Villanueva - Chief Executive Officer

Windra Thio - Head of Strategy & Growth 

Charles St.Louis - Chief Operating Officer

Ian-Austin Lawrence - Creative Director

Paul Vienhage - Lead Solidity Engineer

Matthew Brown - Senior Software Engineer

Ryan Goree - Senior Frontend Engineer


If you join our core team, you will play an essential role in fostering and supporting the Element ecosystem and protocol as it develops. Your work will directly contribute to a new type of organization that will make finance more open, fairer, and better for the world!