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ShapeShift is a borderless, cross-chain crypto trading platform and portfolio manager for user self-sovereignty.

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ShapeShift’s mission is to become the world’s most influential crypto company by building a digital asset platform that delights, protects, empowers, and inspires those around us. Our vision is a borderless financial system built on open, decentralized protocols.

current challenges

  • Building a robust community around an open-source, self-custody, multi-chain crypto platform for the world
  • Bringing ShapeShift further in line with the true vision of immutable, decentralized finance
  • Open-Source Partnerships for protocols, blockchains, and any project willing to share a percentage of their revenue 

culture & values

Our culture at ShapeShift has been grounded in three core values: we expect our Foxes to be kind, pioneering, and to embody integrity. 

  • Trustworthy 

We are upfront and transparent. We are fair and accurate in our dealings with one another and our customers. We earn trust with time and execution rather than expecting it by default.

  • Collaborative 

We are talented individuals aligning behind unified strategies to build greatness. We support, encourage, and challenge each other. We leverage the force multiplier of teamwork.

  • Adaptive 

We are a decentralized startup in an experimental new industry straight out of a sci-fi novel. We embrace volatility. We observe, react, endure, and move through every challenge and obstacle.

  • Spirited 

We are playful and passionate. We engage sincerely with one another and with the world. We pour art, character, and conviction into our products and believe crypto, like speech, is best when borderless.

  • Pioneering 

We innovate with digital tools along the frontier of distributed finance. Casting off the paternalistic comfort of a permission world, we build in the wilds, readying sanctuary from the dark clouds of fiat’s twilight hour. We expect maturity, grit, and stoic resolve.


Founded in 2014 by Bitcoin veteran Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift is the only cryptocurrency trading platform offering zero-commission crypto trading and self-custody.

In 2017, we acquired KeepKey to bring easy cold storage to our users. In a year, we built an entire self-custody crypto interface that incorporated KeepKey, Ledger, and Trezor hardware wallets with integrated trading functionality across chains.

In 2019, Shapeshift removed all commissions for holders of the FOX Token. In 2020, we acquired Portis to further engage with the burgeoning web3 dapp ecosystem and released ShapeShift’s self-custody mobile app.

And by late 2020, we began integrating decentralized protocols directly into the ShapeShift crypto platform to enable immutable, borderless trading with no intermediary, removing ourselves—and our prior business model—from the process.

In July 2021, we transitioned to a DAO governance model for its self-custody (user-controlled keys) platform. This philosophy also extends to open-sourcing all of its source code.

As part of the DAO transition, the Shapeshift FOX token was created. FOX is given out on all trades and is the governance tool used by the community. 

core team

Erik Voorhees - Founder & CEO

Justin Harris - CFO

Michael Perklin - Chief Information Security Officer

Adam Samere - Principal Engineer

Clark Read - Head of Trading and Portfolio Risk

Matthew DiRienzo - Director of Product Management

Willy Ogorzaly - Principal Product Manager


We welcome and support contributors from around the world, trying our best to ensure everybody finds their place at the DAO in one way or another. We believe in the importance of self-custody as an inherent quality of blockchain and crypto networks. We believe in kindness and treating each other with respect. A community that is kind to each other will inevitably do more incredible things than one that is constantly infighting. 

  • Work from anywhere in the World!
  • Get healthcare coverage (for US-based workers)
  • Work anonymously
  • Optional W2s for US contributors
  • Get paid in USDC, FOX, or Fiat
  • Work with a fully distributed team of top talent from around the world!