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WOO Network

WOO Network is a digital assets liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms.

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WOO Network aims to reduce market inefficiencies and disrupt crypto markets by solving a major cryptocurrency issue, liquidity fragmentation. Our ultimate goal is to standardize liquidity. 

current challenges

WOO DAO aspires to become the most forward-thinking and action-orientated community-led organization with the dual objectives of supporting ecosystem growth and sustainably managing the treasury, and in doing so, maximizing long-term WOO token value. 

  • Drive user growth for WOO X, WOOFi, and WOO DAO 
  • Form partnerships with strategic applications and protocols across DeFi 
  • Remain blockchain network agnostic and support many ecosystems 
  • Use treasury initiatives to fund WOO DAO’s growth sustainably 
  • Provide services to other DAOs to increase revenue and influence
  • Increase demand, utility, and awareness for the WOO token 

culture & values

  • Integrity

We act with integrity at every turn

  • Teamwork

We value each other’s efforts.

  • Courage

We are not afraid of mistakes.

  • Innovation

We never give up seeking creative ways.

  • Openness

We are transparent with our processes.

  • Urgency

We seize fleeting opportunities timely.


WOO Network was initially incubated in 2019 by Kronos Research, a large quantitative trading firm with 110 employees worldwide that operate in market making, high-frequency trading (HFT), and arbitrage. Kronos Research is also a designated market maker for Binance, Huobi, and OKEX and a leading market maker for decentralized exchange dYdX.

WOO Network is also positioned in the DeFi space through its brand WOOFi. WOOFi’s first initiative was to provide certain DeFi protocols with private liquidity pools. WOOFi also initiated a major initiative on October 27th, 2021, with the Alpha launch of the WOOFi Swap. 

WOO Network also runs WOO Ventures, its official investment arm, and launchpad. The investment firm started with a funding of 150 million WOO tokens. WOO Ventures' philosophy is to be a blockchain agnostic liquidity facilitator. One major attribute of WOO Ventures is the airdropping of 50% of all its returns to WOO token holders, creating a major incentive to hold and stake WOO. WOO Ventures invests primarily in finance-focused projects, both centralized and decentralized. Usually, it partners with projects that have market-ready products, thus reducing financial risk. Projects are getting funding benefits from WOO Network liquidity, expertise in protocol design, and match-making with other incubated projects to create synergies.

core team

Jack Tan - Co-Founder

Mark Pimentel - Co-Founder

Terence Wu - Chief Technology Officer

Ran Yi - Chief Operating Officer


Working on hi-tech projects, getting to deploy quickly, and seeing firsthand how it changes the lives of our users. This unique opportunity to reshape the financial industry from the ground up gives us a common burning purpose. It sounds cliche to say we are passionate about what we do, but we live and breathe this stuff!