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The first modular blockchain network to power scalable, secure Web3 apps

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mission & goals

Celestia is the first modular blockchain network that makes it effortless to deploy a new blockchain. It allows sovereign blockchains to break free from the constraints of monolithic architectures so that they can build with flexibility and freedom on their own terms.

Celestia is a unique layer 1 blockchain whose only job is to order transactions and verify that the published data is available. This allows specialized blockchains for hosting applications to deploy on top of it. By taking this approach, Celestia achieves properties of scalability, flexibility and interoperability unmatched by previous blockchain designs.

We’re on a mission to change the way that blockchains and decentralized applications are built—making them more secure, sovereign and scalable.

current challenges

Celestia is pioneering a completely new blockchain design. While we believe this is a superior model to existing solutions there remains some unexplored challenges:

  • Increase awareness of Celestia ecosystem among ecosystem partners, developers, community
  • Grow our partner ecosystem by enabling/assisting with user onboarding and project integration
  • Create and maintain the knowledge base and technical documentation pool for Celestia
  • Solving the tech and economic challenges: determining appropriate block sizes, bootstrapping network effects on Celestia, integration with Cosmos Ecosystem, deep developing of Celestia’s native token utility, etc.

culture & values

Join our team of leading engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs in pioneering the first modular blockchain design.


  • Employment benefits
  • 4 weeks annual vacation
  • A share of the initial token supply
  • Flexible and remote work environment
  • Work at the forefront of blockchain scaling alongside an exceptional team of engineers


Celestia was founded in 2019. First to bat on the Celestia team is Mustafa Al-Bassam, who previously co-founded Chainspace, a sharded smart contract platform that was acquired by Facebook. He has written a number of seminal papers whose contributions underpin the security of sharded blockchain systems, notably a formal fraud and data availability proofs scheme.

Also on the team is John Adler, a layer two scalability researcher at ConsenSys working on Phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0. He created the first specification for an optimistic rollup scheme, drawing inspiration from Mustafa’s earlier works on data availability.

Joining them is Ismail Khoffi, a senior research engineer who has many years of experience ranging from building academic research prototypes to bringing both blockchain and non-blockchain systems to production, including at Tendermint, Google UK, and EPFL.

core team

  • Mustafa Al-Bassam - CEO and co-founder
  • Ismail Khoffi - CTO and co-founder
  • John Adler - CRO and co-founder
  • Nick White - COO
  • Nader Dabit - Developer Relations