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Sky Mavis

we build games with player-owned economies

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We're nation-builders.

We build both the virtual worlds of the future and the infrastructure that makes them possible.

We believe that fun, beautiful games will become a source of income for anyone, anywhere.

Sky Mavis is a technology-focused game studio.

We create:

- Virtual worlds with player owned-economies.

- Marketplaces for trustless trading of unique digital assets.

- Infrastructure that enables our products to reach millions of players worldwide.

Our flagship product, Axie Infinity, is the #1 game on Ethereum by daily, weekly, and monthly active players.

current challenges

  • Develop Sky Mavis's games (Axie, Project K), make them perfect, and grow the audience
  • Evolve the Marketplace
  • Empower the Hub, a launchpad for promising blockchain games
  • Make the in-game Wallet (a place to stash your digital items and currencies) super easy-to-use
  • Let Ronin blockchain tech system unlock explosive growth for Blockchain gaming and collectible projects.

history & achievments

We built Axie Infinity in 2019 and grew it to be the #1 Blockchain game. It's now time to make it one of the biggest virtual worlds of all time, period.

More and more game developers are becoming interested in using Blockchain technology to empower their players. This is a massive opportunity that we're best positioned to capture with our Ronin side chain — a tool that allows game developers to deliver the benefits of blockchain to their players without any of the complications.

Sky Mavis has raised a total of $311M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Apr 6, 2022 from a Series C round.

Sky Mavis is funded by 28 investors. Binance and Dialectic are the most recent investors.

Sky Mavis has invested in Carry1st on Jan 19, 2022. This investment - Series A - Carry1st - was valued at $20M.

core team

  • Trung Nguyen - CEO
  • Aleksander Larsen - COO
  • Viet Anh Ho - CTO


  • Front row seat to one of the most exciting blockchain projects that is making a positive impact and changing people’s lives globally
  • A fast-paced, active, and fun working environment where everything revolves around games and cute beings
  • A competitive salary package that fits your skills, experiences, and contributions
  • Freedom, autonomy & ownership around your work
  • Contribute to making revolutionary games
  • Acquire new and unique skills as we usher in a new era of digital ownership
  • Give yourself and your family the security you deserve


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