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Gala Games

making blockchain games you'll actually want to play

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mission & values

Our mission is to make games that you WANT to play.

Gala Games wants to take the gaming industry in a completely different direction from where it is now. Knowing the goal of Gala Games as a company is essential in understanding why blockchain is the right tool to make this vision a reality.

Gala Games was founded with one goal in mind: to give power back to the gamers.

Our values are based on openness and ownership and the ability to deliver games, experiences, and opportunities to people across the world. We are breaking down barriers to bring our gaming community joy, entertainment, and real-world value. At Gala Games, we work remotely and flexibly, we like each other, and we love getting things done.


1/ Fun First.

We believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games. We use simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy, whether or not they consider themselves to be blockchain pros.

2/ Owned by Players.

Players get to truly own what they win in our games. If you earn or win a magical sword on the Gala Game Platform, it is yours. Your items and any inherited status is a verifiable asset on the blockchain you can trade to another person or play with in-game.

3/ Community Rules.

We don’t develop games in a vacuum, we constantly engage and test assumptions with our Discord community. We build alongside a vocal community whose input shapes the direction each game’s design takes.

4/ Powered by the People.

Everything within the Gala Games Network depends on the player-owned Node Ecosystem. The Gala Network is supported by users, just like you, who operate Gala Nodes from their home computers.

The decentralized Gala Games ecosystem aspires to blow the doors wide open and give players back the control they deserve. Through decentralization, players not only own their in-games items, but they have a voice in how the Gala Games roadmap develops. Players and node owners will be enlisted, via distributed voting mechanisms, to help determine what games should be added to the platform or what should be funded by the decentralized Gala Games ecosystem.

current challenges

  • Provide the possibility to play a game where you can freely own and trade your content for the gamers
  • Grow the audience
  • Build and empower the Gala Games ecosystem


  • Competitive Salary (Location Dependent)
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Fully Remote and Location Independence
  • US Based Employees - Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Paid Parental Leave

history & achievments

Founded in 2018 by Eric Schiermeyer.

Today, more than 16,000 player-run nodes power Gala Games ecosystem.

Gala Games has raised a total of $100M in a single venture fund, Blockchain Gaming Fund. This fund was announced on Dec 13, 2021 and raised a total of $100M.

Gala Games has invested in Concept Art House on Oct 19, 2021. This investment - Series A - Concept Art House - was valued at $25M.


  • $3M - Our most expensive NFT sold
  • 90+ Team members
  • 1.3M Monthly Active Users
  • 26K Total NFT's sold

core team

  • Eric Schiermeyer - Founder & CEO
  • Sarah Buxton - COO
  • Adam Price - CTO