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an autonomous collective building decentralized infrastructure and applications

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dOrg is an autonomous collective of engineers, designers, and other web3 specialists. We build tools that empower people to self-organize. We envision a future where power is radically decentralized – people can easily coordinate and transact without intermediaries; institutions are transparent and responsive to the needs of their constituents; voluntary collectives outcompete coercive monopolies; wealth is fairly distributed; and machines handle the boring work while humans focus on meaningful pursuits.

To achieve our mission we will become: The best place to upskill on web3 development by helping proven builders to hone their craft, find community, earn a living, and cultivate autonomy while working on bleeding edge technology. The premier provider of web3 development services by serving as a one-stop-shop for promising projects to accelerate development and adoption with minimal friction. The best example of a web3 organization by iterating on our methods and sharing them widely to help millions of autonomous collectives bloom.

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  • Autonomous Action - We encourage each member to pursue initiatives in good faith without seeking approval or waiting for others to act. 
  • Transparency - We guarantee all members equal access to organizational information, including financial data, legal documents, and internal processes.
  • Participatory Meritocracy - We distribute rewards and governance rights to members based on value contributed, not titles or hierarchy.
  • Inclusion & Respect - We foster a diverse membership and support one another in maintaining a healthy digital workplace.

Why is dOrg a great place to contribute?

Because we believe the decentralized web is key to this future and we’re here to build it, we sincerely value human talent, that's why we are always improving our member experience and offering benefits to our members to make them feel valuable. Get paid in crypto, collaborate in the coolest projects, have impact at dOrg since day one, own your job and your time


dOrg spawned in late 2018 as a 2-of-3 multisig with the mission of enabling decentralized organizations. After successfully shipping the Colony Task Importer and DAOstack Launcher, the team decided to incorporate in order to take on a higher volume of large-scale Web3 projects. With the help of the legal minds behind Vermont’s Blockchain-Based LLC legislation, dOrg became the first legally recognized DAO in the US.

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