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A collaborative credential data network enabling brands and developers to engage communities

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At Galxe, we are building the infrastructure to power an open and collaborative credential data network. We help Web3 developers leverage credential data to build better products and communities. At the same time, data curators contribute to our credential data network while earning income once the data is utilized.

current challenges

Problems with the current credential system:

Credential data today is segregated across closed databases that are owned and permissioned by applications, government organizations, and financial and credit institutions. This has led to a fractured landscape that is not open to the individuals who should own that data or the applications that need it.

Galxe aims to solve this problem using an open and collaborative credential data network which will help Web3 developers leverage credential data to build better products and more engaging communities.

Goals & challengels:

  • Ecosystem Growth
  • Marketplace Growth
  • Community Engagement
  • DEX Growth
  • Brand Awareness

The use case for Galxe ID was simple — it aimed to become your Web3 Linkedin which meant a universal name that represented your multichain/multiwallet identities. Galxe ID is becoming one of the most important tools for recording users on and off-chain footprints in the Web3 world. With this tool, users are able to display credentials collected in the Web3 world and showcase the history of real life and online achievements.

The next big challenge is to build and evolve Galxe Passport, the universal identity for Web3 adventures. Galxe Passport was created to be a secure, private way for users to store data.

history & achievments

Founded Date: 2021

Two years ago, Project Galaxy was merely an idea—a dream conceptualized by two friends from California. To make this dream a reality, co-founders Charles Wayn and Harry Zhang brought together a team of serial entrepreneurs who believed in the power of Web3. And from that spark grew a galaxy where the possibilities of on and off-chain credentials became limitless.

Over the past year, Galxe has achieved countless milestones ranging from 10+ chain integrations, launching our own Token, and being awarded The Binance Launchpool Project of the Year Award in July 2022.

Along with these milestones, Galxe is proud to announce that we have 4.9 million Galxe ID Users. Galxe launched this feature in October 2021 which, in turn, revolutionized Web3.

Funding: Galxe Secures $10M in Funding

In January 2022, we announced a $10 million financing round. Multicoin Capital and Dragonfly Capital led the funding round with participation from several Web3 industry leaders and blockchain proponents, including Spartan Group, Sky9 Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Binance Smart Chain Growth Fund. We intend to use the funds to grow our credential data network, expand support for multiple data sources, and build a wide array of application modules to help Web3 projects effectively leverage digital credential data.

core team

  • Harry Zhang - Co-Founder
  • Charles Wayn - Co-Founder
  • Xinlu C. - Co-Founder and Tech Lead