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one of the world’s leading decentralized exchanges

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mission & key concepts

Our mission is to democratize access to financial opportunity.

We're building a powerful and professional exchange for trading perpetuals. While trading on our platform, traders enjoy the security, privacy, and decentralization benefits of Starkware zero-knowledge proofs.

culture & values

At dYdX you'll have an opportunity to build state-of-the-art decentralized technology that will redefine global financial markets. By joining us at this early stage you will make fundamental decisions that will shape the course of dYdX. We prefer passionate quick learners with a history of excellence at top companies and/or universities.

The dYdX Values

  • Think 10x bigger

We challenge ourselves to think 10x bigger. We focus on what we could achieve, rather than trying to protect what we have. We are long term focused, and realize our goals will likely take years to achieve. We make bold decisions, and accept that we will likely not entirely achieve our goals. We are motivated by the chance that we do.

  • A players only

We only hire world class talent. We do not hire if we have not yet found an A player for a role. We consider an A player to be someone who is top of their field, has high integrity, and whom we genuinely like. We heavily invest in developing employees and retaining top performers.

  • Act like a founder

We take ultimate responsibility for our areas of focus. We act as owners, and always push for what we each think is best for dYdX. We take initiative to champion value-add initiatives even when we are not directly told to do so. We assume authority. We think from first principles and empower ourselves to be great decision makers.

  • Ruthlessly prioritize impact

We exclusively focus on driving exponential outcomes for dYdX. We ruthlessly prioritize and continuously ensure we are working on the highest value tasks. We are not distracted by things that do not drive us towards our goal.

  • Decentralize through transparency

We believe that in order to decentralize ownership, decision making, and execution we must empower our teammates and the community with knowledge. We default to sharing as openly as we can, and prioritize clear and concise communication. We are honest and prioritize speaking plainly over sugar coating our messaging.

  • Move fast

We believe that in almost all instances, fast is better than slow. We believe progress is exponential, and moving faster increases our exponent. We prioritize moving fast over always being right.

history & achievments

Founded: 2017

HQ: San Francisco, California, United States

dYdX is founded by an ex-Coinbase, ex-Uber engineer, with Princeton CS background. Our team has previous experience at Google, Bloomberg, Amazon, Bain, NerdWallet and other top companies

We're a world-class team with top backers and advisors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam, Naval Ravikant, Elad Gil and more


  • dYdX has raised a total of $87M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 15, 2021 from a Series C round.
  • The org is funded by 42 investors. Hashkey and StarkWare Industries are the most recent investors.

core team

  • Antonio Juliano - CEO & Founder
  • Vijay Chetty - Head of Business Development
  • Gian Raciti - Head of Talent and People