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a native zkEVM Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum

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mission, vision & values

To scale Ethereum with our zkEVM-based zkRollup, we have designed Scroll based on a set of technical principles which uphold Scroll's core values.

Our vision and values

  • Empowering humanity - starting with blockchain developers and users
  • Build in the open with the community
  • Fight for decentralization and censorship resistance

current challenges

Our technical principles:

1/ Ensuring user security

By building on Ethereum according to this principle, we are rooting the security of Scroll in the most secure and decentralized consensus of the Ethereum base layer.

2/ Maintaining EVM-equivalence

To be maximally developer and user friendly, Scroll is EVM-equivalent, not simply EVM-compatible.

3/ Efficiency

In order for users to enjoy a great experience on a Layer 2, we believe that:

  • Transaction fees should be low, orders of magnitude cheaper than on the base layer.
  • Users should experience instant pre-confirmation on the Layer 2 and reasonably fast finality on the base layer (Ethereum in our case).

4/ Decentralization across all layers of the community

By building in the open with the community and charting a credible path to decentralizing both proving and sequencing, Scroll is committed to ensuring decentralization across all dimensions.

How our principles lead to Scroll's design

  • Security and EVM-equivalence lead us to a zkEVM-based zkRollup solution
  • Decentralization leads us to a decentralized prover network
  • Efficiency leads us to focus on open research-driven innovation


If our vision of scaling Ethereum in an open and community-driven way resonates with you, we are looking for values-aligned individuals to help Scroll become the most developer- and user-friendly scaling solution for Ethereum.

  • If you are a ZK researcher, ZKP, Go or Solidity developer, or a GPU engineer, we are working on many interesting technical challenges at the edge of what’s possible. Come build cutting-edge solutions to these problems with us in the open!
  • If you love nurturing and growing ecosystems or communities, we are looking for developer advocates and community organizers to make sure we are building in a community-aligned and user-friendly way.

history & achievments

Founded: 2021


  • PHASE 1 - zkEVM PoC (done)
  • PHASE 2 - zkEVM testnet
  • PHASE 3 - Layer-2 proof outsourcing
  • PHASE 4 - zkEVM mainnet
  • PHASE 5 - Decentralized sequencer and more efficient zkVM

core team

  • Ye Zhang - Co-founder & Research
  • Haichen Shen - Co-founder
  • Sandy - Co-Founder