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mission & key concepts

Dune is on a mission to make crypto data accessible. We’re a collaborative multi-blockchain analytics platform which is used by thousands of developers, analysts, investors and community members to better understand how the crypto ecosystem works.

current challenges

To achieve our goals, we're building a novel data product combining a bleeding edge data platform, analytics tools and community destination. We're currently a fast growing team of ~40 building a beloved product that's bringing the ethos of the open finance space to the data layer.

In 2018, there were a couple of dozen smart contract products live on the Ethereum blockchain used by a few tech and finance geeks. We built a tool to let anyone easily analyze this activity. Our audience was pretty niche and technical back then.

Since then the scope and reach of our industry has grown exponentially. It’s no longer just cryptocurrencies, it’s web3. It’s not just finance, it’s art, gaming, DAOs and beyond. It’s no longer just geeks messing around, there’s a massive consumer audience. It’s no longer just Ethereum layer 1, but a myriad of layers, chains and different approaches. Many crypto startups are now huge web3 companies, and even the established huge companies are embracing our world as well.

We supply data for all of these emerging use cases and users. But, we’re not just going to do this through enabling analytics dashboards. We are rapidly expanding our scope and offering. We will for instance soon launch the highly anticipated Dune API, which will create a living, breathing and performant API machine for the community and open up a whole new world of use cases. The data will flow.


We’re a fast growing team, working remotely from all across the world 🌍️. We cherish working on a product that empowers our users to create and do their own research in an open community first manner. 

We’re backed by some of the world's best investors. In February 2022, we announced that we’ve raised our Series B funding, led by Coatue 🦄 to double down on our mission of making crypto data accessible! We’ll use the funds to educate, reward and empower a new generation of on-chain analysts aka Dune Wizards 🧙‍♀️

We’re now at a crucial stage in our journey as the activity in crypto is exploding, and we need many more talented people to join the team and help us make crypto data accessible 🚀

We are now 55 employees, globally distributed across 16 countries If you want to have one of the highest impact jobs on the planet come join our rapidly expanding team of Galaxy brains.

Values and working at Dune

  • 💫 Ambition

Life is short and in that short time span you can have a huge impact or you can have little impact. At Dune we want to have a huge impact. We are inspired by great founders, artists, engineers, athletes, thinkers and tinkerers that have truly changed the world and we want to do the same.

  • 🙋 Ownership

At Dune we all take ownership over product, projects, processes and beyond. Nothing is too big or too small to pick up. We all roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to ensure that what needs to be done gets done.

  • 🏃🏻🦉 Speed, thoughtfully

When a small number of dedicated and skilled people focus hard on solving a problem amazing things can be done in very little time. We also believe part of what sets great teams apart is their ability to think through problems before jumping to a solution. Sometimes moving a little bit slower now lets us move a lot faster later. In general we should move incredibly fast, but also recognize when we need to be thoughtful before acting.

  • 👨‍🎨 Integrity

Integrity is having a perspective and saying it like it is. If anything is off we flag it and address it without hesitation. Be that in the data, moral standards of your colleagues or product we deliver. At Dune there's no barrier to speak your mind in a respectful and constructive manner. Furthermore, to us integrity is also sincerity and the intangible feeling of something just being right - like hearing a brilliant song. We want to evoke such feelings with the products, relationships and culture we build.

  • 🏄 Enjoy

The path is the goal, so you need to enjoy yourself along the way. Professional athletes train and work extremely hard, but also take good care of themselves. At Dune we do the same. We think it's important to have fun and enjoy the ride, both inside and outside of work. While working at Dune there's time for the various things in life that make you physically and mentally happy.

See examples of what this means in practice.

History & Achievments

We recently announced that we’ve raised a $69 420 000 Series B at a unicorn valuation. We started from the bottom in the fringe industry of crypto as two first-time founders when we created Dune out of Oslo, Norway in 2018. Now we’re here: a unicorn company at only 16 employees merely 3 years later.

  • Pre-seed

Raised March 2019

Round size: $250 000

Fundraising time: 7 months

Team size: 2 founders

  • Seed

Raised August 2020

Round size: $2 000 000

Fundraising time: 15 months

Team size: 2 founders

  • Series A

Raised May 2021

Round size: $8 000 000

Team size: 6

Fundraising time: 1 week

  • Series B

Raised November 2021

Round size: $69 420 000

Team size: 16

Fundraising time: 0 days

core team