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Mission & Key Concepts

LayerZero’s vision is to create a community of cross-chain developers, building dApps that are no longer constrained by individual blockchain capabilities. With LayerZero's simple, generic messaging protocol, builders will develop cross-chain dApps designed to unify the power of individual blockchains.

We have built and launched the first dApp, Stargate, a fully composable native asset bridge that will allow users to swap one asset to another securely and without additional fees.

In breaking up responsibilities between the Oracle and Relayer, LayerZero leverages the security properties of the established oracles (Chainlink and Band) with an additional layer of security via the open relayer system.

Use Cases & Current Challenges

Today cross-chain messaging is synonymous with bridging, but there is much more you can do with LayerZero than simply bridging assets. LayerZero enables cross-chain {state sharing, bridging, lending and borrowing, swaps, governance} And much more!

History & Achievements

Founded in 2021.

Area: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

LayerZero is funded by the best investors in the world including:

a16z, Sequoia, PayPal, Binance Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Uniswap Labs, Circle Ventures, Delphi Digital, and many more.

Beyond the original seven chains, we’re on four new mainnets: Moonbeam, Harmony, Swimmer, and DFK. LayerZero is also live on eight other pre-launch chain’s testnets; and will be live on mainnet launch for all of them, including our first non-EVMs: Aptos, Sui and Solana.

The Omnichain Future

LayerZero will connect all chains seamlessly, having users unaware they are even using it. It will enable current and new Decentralized Applications to expand beyond the borders of EVM or Non-EVM, creating the world’s first omnichain applications.

Core Team

  • Bryan Pellegrino, Co-founder & CEO
  • Ryan Zarick, Co-founder & CTO
  • Caleb Banister, Co-founder