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a decentralized real estate tokenization protocol

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Mission & Key Concepts

We are building the bridge between Web2 and Web3 via tokenization, and developing the next-generation Real Estate investments.

With Binaryx, you can tokenize your property and buy fractional Real Estate tokens to earn passive income up to 25% APR from the rent.

Diversified, riskless and liquid.



  • MVP Building
  • Socials launch

Q1 2023

  • Binaryx marketplace launch on Testnet
  • Launch on Bali, Indonesia market

Q2 2023

  • Binaryx marketplace official launch
  • Lending Protocol launch on testnet

Q3 2023

  • Lending Protocol launch
  • Launch on Dubai, UAE market

Q4 2023

  • The secondary market launch


  • Launchpad official launch on mainnet
  • Launch on the European market

Culture & Perks

  • Company options upon reaching milestones and long-term cooperation
  • Competitive & Stable, and timely salary
  • Opportunity to work on exciting and complex projects
  • Build Unique software and business solutions
  • Opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth
  • Remote working and relocation possibilities

Core Team

  • Oleg Kurchenko, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dmytro Zeleniy, Chief Technical Officer
  • Dmytro Lizanets, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Andriy Makaveli, Chief Business Development Officer