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Pyth Network

Smarter data for smarter contracts

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Mission & Key Concepts

Hi-Fi for DeFi

Pyth connects high-fidelity market data from the world’s largest professional traders and exchanges to any smart contract, anywhere.

Pyth Network is a specialized oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data that is typically kept behind the “walled gardens” of centralized institutions. Pyth Network is focused on finding a new and inexpensive way to bring this unique data on-chain and aggregating it securely.

Current Challenges

Solving DeFi’s oracle problem.

  • The problem: Decentralized finance relies on high-fidelity, time-sensitive, real-world data, but has no way to access it.
  • The Pyth Solution: We deliver a decentralized, cross-chain market of verifiable data from first-party sources.
  • The Result: We’re giving DeFi comprehensive access to the vast amount of hi-fi financial services data it needs to make smart contracts work smarter.

Next steps

Pyth data will continue expanding to new L1 and L2 blockchains and diversifying across new asset classes and even data types.

Pyth is going cross-chain. Be on the lookout for Pyth data on 20 Wormhole-supported blockchains!

The final iteration of the Pyth protocol, as laid out in the whitepaper, is designed to be a self-sustaining and fully decentralized network that coordinates data publishers and users.

History & Achievements

Founded: 2021

HQ: Zug, Switzerland

January 2022:

  • The Pyth Network Whitepaper is published and even featured in the Financial Times.
  • Pyth is comprised of 41 data providers, contributing to 58 price feeds, and used by 43 applications.

March 2022:

  • Pyth secures $2B TVS on Solana!
  • Pyth is comprised of 53 data publishers, contributing to 58 price feeds and used by 56 applications
  • Pyth has supported more than $10B in Cumulative Trading Volume for data users


  • Pyth has supported more than $20B in Cumulative Trading Volume for data users


  • Pyth has supported more than $30B in Cumulative Trading Volume for data users


  • Pyth is comprised of 78 data publishers, contributing to 185 price feeds, and used by more than 100 applications across 8 different blockchains

You’ll recognize many powered-by-Pyth applications: Solend, Mango Markets, Friktion, Zeta Markets, Drift, Backpack, Jet, and many more. Off-chain solutions, like OpenBB and SHIFT Search, and institutions like QCP and Geneva Trading, are also tapping into Pyth’s data.


  • Pyth Network has raised a total of — in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 7, 2022.
  • Pyth Network is funded by 2 investors. Tagus Capital and GBV Capital are the most recent investors.

Core Team

  • Michael Cahill, Director of Pyth Data Association
  • Ray Song , Core Contributor

Culture & Benefits

  • We are a small team. About half the team is technical; the other half manages relationships with data providers, developers, and the broader community. (Building a network requires talking to people!)
  • We are mostly remote. Team members live across the world, in the US, Europe, and Asia. We do have offices in some locations (Porto, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore) for those who prefer in-office work.
  • Our team communicates with each other and external developers in English. Strong spoken and written English skills are required.
  • We operate like a startup in the rapidly-growing and changing DeFi ecosystem. In order to be successful, we must adapt to meet the current needs of the market. Good candidates will help our organization adapt; they are flexible problem solvers who are willing and able to jump on whatever the occasion demands.
  • Most of our software development is open source.
  • Our success depends on external developers using our price feeds, so a great developer experience is critical to our success. Good candidates will be able to empathize with developers and build elegant, easy-to-use APIs to fit their needs. They will also be able to produce clear developer documentation for these APIs.
  • We offer a competitive salary and generous benefits package. Furthermore, where applicable, employees may be eligible for token allocations as part of Pyth Network’s employee incentive program.