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One of the most secure trading platforms in the world

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Mission & Key Concepts

We are the largest European crypto-to-fiat exchange from Ukraine

We strongly believe that blockchain is the technology of the future. That is why we have created a secure, clear, and easy-to-use platform to achieve the spread of blockchain technology and expand the cryptocurrency community.

Our main goal is to achieve the mass-adoption of blockchain technology and expand the crypto community by providing a secure and easy-to-use trading platform.


  • Bitcoin Global. P2P platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies between users from all over the world.
  • Whiteswap. A secure and user-friendly decentralized exchange owned by users.
  • Whitepay. SaaS company that provides cryptocurrency solutions for business and charity: cryptoacquiring, POS terminals and payment pages. Whitepay supports over 130 cryptocurrencies and several fiat currencies.
  • Gagarin Show. The world's first entertainment YouTube show about cryptocurrencies hosting famous guests.


We offer complex tasks, this is always a growth area for anyone. We have always said “yes” to development and the growth of our colleagues, it will definitely not be boring at work. Our team is ready to support up with its expertise and help.

History & Achievements

Founded: 2018


  • 150 countries
  • 400+ trading pairs
  • 3М+ users
  • more than 700 professionals in the team

Core Team

  • Vladimir Nosov, CEO
  • Oleksii Kovalov, Vice President
  • Glib Ushakov, CEO WhiteEx


  • Work in an international IT product company with offices in 4 countries;
  • Participation in development of high-tech products that are used by more than 3,000,000 customers worldwide;
  • Crypto education;
  • Professional development and career growth;
  • Our own product;
  • Official employment;
  • Annual paid vacations (30 calendar days);
  • Medical insurance;
  • Sick leave compensation;
  • Fun corporate events;
  • Warm and friendly working environment.