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World’s longest running crypto exchange

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Mission & Key Concepts

Shaping the new world of finance for the benefit of all

How we make crypto accessible to everyone?

Industry-leading security

The protection of customer assets is crucial, and we have been a leader in the industry in security since our founding. All funds and crypto on Bitstamp are backed 100% and ready to be withdrawn at any time. They are stored in separate accounts from our corporate assets. Our commitment to advanced technology helps us maintain the industry-leading reliability standard with 99.9% uptime.

Transparency through internal and external audits

Our financial controls are reviewed annually by external parties and are also subject to regular internal audit reviews. This ensures that our control environment, along with all our procedures, is validated and continuously improved upon. Each year since 2016 Bitstamp has been audited by a big four global accounting firm. Find out more on The Bitstamp Way.

Regulation and compliance – a never-ending process

Bitstamp holds 50 licenses and registrations in key jurisdictions globally, but we are also aware that being regulated is not just a matter of holding a certificate – it is a daily process. In total we have around 180 people, roughly 29% of our staff, working in compliance, regulation, legal, risk management, security, and internal audit functions. They ensure we run things by the book.


We are a perfect bunch of imperfect people, who are always trying to make a difference.  

We call ourselves disruptive, progressive, open-minded, innovative … but what also exists is healthy chaos and at times crazy ideas which we need to work hard to deliver. All in a normal day at Bitstamp, and we believe that what keeps us together are our friendships, having fun along the way, and putting our energy into shared causes which are important to our community.

As a distributed team, we believe in the importance of spending time together. To help make this happen, we have a number of collaboration hubs in Amsterdam, Kranj, Ljubljana, London, Luxembourg, Maribor, New York, Singapore (and more are on the way) which we use for team sessions, catch-ups, onboarding activities, or simply as a place for people to work each day.

History & Achievements

Bitstamp is the original Cryptocurrency Exchange.  

Since our inception in 2011, we have been at the forefront of the crypto industry, driving innovation and ensuring that we are, above all else, human in our approach, trusted by our customers and, with an unwavering belief in blockchain technology, striving to provide secure and innovative access to crypto to all corners of the world.

2016: Bitstamp becomes the first crypto exchange to receive a Payment Institution license in the EU

The PIL allows Bitstamp to demonstrate compliance in all 27 EU Member States. Since 2016, we have also been regulated by the Luxembourg Financial Regulator (CSSF). CSSF requires Bitstamp to hold all customer fiat funds at credit institutions and separate from our corporate funds, manage operational and financial risks, and meet strict organizational, security, personnel and technical conditions.

2019: Bitstamp obtains a BitLicense

The BitLicense was issued by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). We are required by the NYDFS to hold capital in the minimum amount of customer deposits at all times, and are obligated to report any material changes in this capital.

Core Team

  • Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux - Global CEO
  • Stephen David Bearpark - CFO
  • Robert Zagotta - CEO, Bitstamp USA & Global CCO
  • James Greenwood - CTO
  • John S. Ehlers - COO
  • Miha Vidmar - Chief Product Officer
  • Bernice Smith - Chief People Officer


  • A truly flexible working environment and an ability to work where you are most productive. Sometimes at work, sometimes at home, sometimes on the move
  • Access to great technology
  • Generous home office allowances on joining to help set up your home space
  • Long term employment, training and development opportunities, great company culture.
  • Competitive benefit programs developing for each market
  • Industry mentors, and opportunities to develop and learn from others
  • Internal Gaming Tournaments and regular collaboration events
  • Bitstamp Cares. The communities which are important to our people are important to us, and we are active in our support and celebrations
  • A VERY pet friendly office culture. We love animals (actually are kind of crazy for them) and celebrate the love and companionship they share with us. Please bring them with you to work (seriously)
  • Delicious breakfast, fresh fruit, snacks, coffee, tea, full fridge of beverages and ice cream in collaboration hubs