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Building games for 5B football fans. Official partner of FIFA and FIFPRO

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Mission & Key Concepts

At Matchday, our goal is to develop category defining games for football's five billion fans, working closely with our community.

Our principles:

  • Authenticity

We all love authenticity. We always want to get closer to the players we love, and the tournaments we love, in the games we play. That’s why we have partnered up with organizations like FIFA and FIFPRO to bring the best of men's and women's football into Matchday games.

  • Fun first

Building fun experiences for all fans is our top priority. Everything else under the hood, including our blockchain technologies and our card economy, is in service of that. After all, we’re building games, based on a game!

  • Ownership for everyone

Games are about emotions. Layer on true ownership, and we create a much more powerful experience. We empower fans to truly own our items, by using the blockchain and NFTs. And we build our games so that they are accessible by everyone, whether you have, or don’t have, a blockchain wallet.

At Matchday, our goal is to develop category defining games for football's five billion fans, working closely with our community.

Current Challenges & 2023 Roadmap

Q1 2023:

  • Card export

Starting next year you will be able to export your cards to your own blockchain wallet, where they’ll live as NFTs. The first blockchain we are supporting is Solana, and we’ll add support for more chains in 2023. Exporting your cards will entirely be up to you, and we won’t require you to create a wallet if you just want to play and have fun!

  • Matchday Squads

As league football starts, we’ll release Matchday’s next game, where you can build your squads (that’s right, multiple squads) to compete in challenges, and even compete against other squads.

  • Matchday Mobile

Bring your squads into our first mobile game. We will be releasing details about this mobile title in our community and give a chance for fans to influence its design as we progress, truly building it together!

Culture & Values

Join an experienced team from EA, Meta, King, Rovio, Sports Interactive, Miniclip and other top studios.

Together, we have scaled products to hundreds of millions in revenue, and have unrivaled DNA in football.


Founded: 2022

HQ: San Francisco, California, USA


Matchday raised $21 million in seed funding to develop a suite of games—with legendary soccer player Lionel Messi’s Play Time, venture capital firm, onboard. Courtside Ventures, Greylock, HackVC, Capricorn Investment Group, and Horizons Ventures also participating in the round.

Core Team

  • Derrick Ko - Сo-Founder & CEO
  • Sebastien de Halleux - Сo-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer