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Radiant Capital

Radiant is building the first omnichain money market atop LayerZero

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Mission & Key Concepts

Radiant is building the first omnichain money market atop LayerZero. Deposit & borrow across multiple chains, seamlessly.

Our ultimate goal:

Onboard the next 100 million users into DeFi by becoming the “Central Nexus” of DeFi - a "one-stop-shop" to access liquidity, get loans, earn a yield, and safely/seamlessly get leverage on dozens of assets (from GLP to curve stable LPs) across all chains.

Our Mission:

  • The Radiant DAO’s mission is to unify the billions in fragmented liquidity across Web3 money markets under one safe, user-friendly, capital-efficient omnichain protocol.
  • We’ll simplify DeFi’s lending experience to enable the next generation of users. Deposit and borrow cross-chain seamlessly while earning sustainable emissions & protocol revenue.
  • Radiant’s innovative approach to DeFi 3.0 fosters a sustainable and adaptable ecosystem. Omnichain fungible tokens, LayerZero bridging, and dynamic liquidity provisioning set us apart from the pack.

The Vision is to become one-stop shop for money markets

History & Achievements

Founded: 2022

Funding for Radiant was completely bootstrapped by the team. All expenses have been paid out-of-pocket: development, multiple audits, marketing, salaries etc.


  • Total Market Size: $80.19M
  •  $350M+ in TVD
  •  30,000+ users
  • Nearly $6M in protocol fees generated from cross-chain borrower interest

Core Team

  • Isaac
  • George
  • Tom
  • Aaron
  • Liam
  • Roger

Total team: 14 people (professionals from Google, Morgan Stanley, etc.)